Born Wild

Queen-A cat about to have kits or who has kits
Warrior-A cat who is able to have a apprentice and fights for the clan
Kit-A kitten
Medicine cat-The clan's healer who gets messages from SkyClan
Apprentice-A 6 moon old cat who has a warrior-mentor who trains them to become a warrior
Moon-a month
Kittypet- House cat
Monster-Car or truck

Chapter 1

SkyClan (Prologue)

by: Hush_Hush
In the cold of BareLeaf, four kits will be born, one pure, one strong, one intelligent, and one destined

My eyes opened, and I turned around. "Are you ok, Nightfur?", asked another SkyClan cat. "Yes, fine, I just finished sharing thoughts with the ForestClan medicine cat, so I'm feeling a little bit faint."

"What did you tell him?"

"There is going to be four kits born in the middle of BareLeaf"

"Will they survive?"

"It is unknown, GreyFoot"

"Let's hope"


"Who is the mother?"

"I believe it is MistyPelt"

"SkyClan wishes her well"

I nodded then walked away to my bed, when I lived in DryClan our bedding was never as soft this, I thought as I drifted off to sleep, then again, everything after that battle had been better than in DryClan, memories came back from the battle where I had been bitten in the killing spot in my neck by a LakeClan warrior, I pushed those memories away, and wished the ForestClan queen then luck of StarClan.

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