Outrunning Chance (A zombie apocalypse group story)

A group of 5-6 friends live in a peaceful town during a zombie apocalypse, the town is barricaded around with wire that protects them from zombies, but when some wire breaks and zombies attack their town, they team up with other people to leave everything behind and cure the zombies one bullet at a time. As they continue their travel, romance, new friendship, betrayal, and much more arise.
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Chapter 1

Cassidy Jones: Fences

"Yo Cas! Get up!" I heard one of my safehouse mates and best friends who've I've been friends with forever with Marissa knock against my door.
"Why?" I moaned.
"Eli has north fence patrol and she wants a ride," She explained.
"Why don't you give her a ride?" I asked, thinking about her Mustang.
"It's in the shop, I'm getting it in half an hour plus you need to get up anyways," She told me.
"Fine," I mumbled.
I got out of bed and I quickly changed into my Lucky Brand tank, some dark green skinny jeans, my combat boots, on my black specialty beanie, grabbed my brother's dog tags which also had a silver cross on it, grabbed my throwing knives from my nightstand and put them in my back pocket, and I grabbed my pistol and concealed it in one of my boots. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=101829628)
I yanked open my door and I saw Marissa with her long. wavy blonde hair in a pony tail, and she was wearing her pajamas.
"Why aren't you dressed?" I asked.
"'Bout to take a shower," She explained.
"K, I'll be back soon," I told her.
"Alright, see ya in about an hour, Eli's downstairs," Marissa told me as she walked to the bathroom which was a few doors down.
I stepped downstairs and I walked into the dining room where Eli's was gnawing on some toast while Kate was sharpening her knives, her muddy combat boots on the table.
"Where's Jayden and Danni?" I asked.
"Still asleep, it's 7 a.m.," Kate answered.
"I hate not being the last person up," I moaned.
"I'll send Jayden and Danni your hate," Kate told me and I laughed.
"Sure, smack them upside the head for me," I laughed.
"Can we go? I don't want to be late," Eli asked.
"Sure," I grabbed my keys from our little drawer of keys from the hutch in the dining room and we walked out to the garage after saying later to Kate.
I hit the garage door opener that was near the door and walked towards my bike which was one of the only cars in there besides Jayden's motorcycle since Eli, Danni, and Kate don't have cars.
I sat on my bike, and then Eli got on wrapping her arms around me.
I pulled out of the garage and began driving to the north fence which was about 5 miles away.
We rode in silence as we finally arrived at the north fence.
"Another 2 minutes, you would've been late," Sam, the other watcher snickered as I hopped off of the bike and Eli followed.
"Sorry," Eli blushed.
"Shouldn't you be working?" I pointed at the 10 walkers swarming the area.
Yep, the rumored zombie outbreak actually did happen, started at least 2 months ago, a month ago, my friends and I which were Marissa and Kate found Springbrook which had already cleared out the zombies in here and then put fences around the town. They took us in since they needed more people and then took us to the safe house where we met the rest of our friends.
"Do you want to do my job?" Sam asked.
"Sure," I pulled out on of my knives as I strode over to one of the walkers and then I stabbed the rotting zombie straight in the head as he collasped.
"You're welcome," I told Sam.
"Shut up, Jones," He snarled.
"Guys," Eli told us.
"Whatever, later Eli," I walked over to my bike, kicked up my kickstand, started the bike, and then I drove off.
I finally arrived at the safe house and noticing that Marissa's Mustang wasn't in so I left the garage door open.
"Hey guys," I told Jayden and Danni as they were eating oatmeal.
"Sup?" Jayden asked.
"Hey," Danni yawned.
"Did you guys just get up?" I asked as I pulled out a box of Cheerios out of my hiding spot.
"I did just 5 minutes ago, Jayden was up a little longer," Danni answered.
"You had Cheerios?" Jayden moaned.
"Yes," I answered as I put the last of the Cheerios into my bowl and then I set it on the counter that way I could exchange it for food.
"Jerk," Jayden muttered and I laughed.
"If you need to know one thing, I love Cheerios," I told him as I plopped next to Danni.
"Where's Kate?" I asked.
"She said she wanted to walk around for a little bit," Danni told me.
"If I know her, she won't be back until noon," I told them.
"Alright, I'm going to get some fresh air," Jayden plopped his plate into the sink and started walking to the front door.
"I'm going to my room for just a bit," Danni told me as she also plopped her plate into the sink.
"Alright," I told them.
"Hey, aren't we going to the park to play softball at 1?" Danni poked her head out of her room a second after she went in.
"Yeah, tell Marrissa and Kate when they come back," I told her.
"Okay," She told me and went back into her room.
It was honestly Eli's idea to play softball every Friday that way we can escape our minds that a zombie virus broke out. We do it with another safehouse who thought it would be fun like the majority of our group.
I finished eating my bowl of Cheerios and went to the sink and began washing the three bowls. I scrubbed them for 15 minutes and then I left them out on the counter to dry for a couple minutes.
I decided to go take a shower since I wasn't able to take one this morning which I took an hour to do since it felt nice, and afterwards I checked our our food supply.
"5 bags of chips, 9 water bottles, 5 cans of beef pot roast, 4 cans of applesauce, 3 cans of green beans, 2 cans of black beans, 1 can of beets, 3 oranges, 2 apples, 2 mangoes, 2 peaches, and 4 kiwis, this should last us at least 2 weeks," I told myself as I counted up all of the food.
I looked at the clock that sat on the wall closest to dining room.
"I have a few minutes," I told myself.
"Yo, Danni!" I shouted.
"What?" Danni asked.
"I'm going to pick up Eli!" I told her.
"Alright!" She answered.
"Later!" I yelled and I shut the garage door behind me, hopped on my bike, and I drove off toward the gate.
I soon neared the gate a couple minutes later and I stopped my bike near an abandoned shack since no one has the courage to live this close to the gate.
I soon arrived and I noticed there were twice the amount of zombies than when I was there 3 hours ago and Eli and Sam were hacking like crazy, not taking any breathers.
"What happened!?" I exclaimed as I rushed over and quickly stabbed one on the head and pulled my knife out.
"Tons just poured out like half an hour ago!" Eli exclaimed.
"I called in for some back up but they won't be here until 15 minutes!" Sam sighed.
"Where's your replacements?" I asked.
"I haven't seen them!" Sam told me.
"Great," I continued stabbing as much zombies as I can and pushing the fence up but I knew it wouldn't last for long.
"How much longer?" I asked Sam as I shot my 17th zombie and pushed the fence up for the 6th time.
"Any minute now," He sighed.
"We're here!" I heard someone shout and 5 pairs of footsteps running towards us.
"Move!" The guy yelled.
"If we move, the fence will knock down!" I exclaimed.
"Just move!" He shouted as he lifted his machine gun and we all quickly dashed as all of the soldiers shot all the zombies down, but not before they knocked the fence down.
"Move!" The guy yelled as we ran and shot the remaining zombies.
After another 2 minutes, over a hundred zombies laid on the ground, dead for a second time.
"Let's pull the fence back up," The leader told us after another minute.
"Are we sure they're dead?" I asked.
"I hope so, come on," We all got up and we walked to the collapsed fence.
Luckily, all of the zombies were dead and we were able to get the fence up without anything else happening.
"How do you think that happened?" Sam asked.
"I'm not sure," The leader answered as he lifted the giant fence without even sweating.
"Well, I'm going to leave two of my men here that way you guys can go home," The leader told us.
"Jones and Phillips, you stay here," Two tough men in their early 30s walked closer to the fence.
"We're going now, thank you so much sirs," I smiled politely and Eli followed my lead.
"Alright, have a good rest of your day," The leader smiled.
I hopped onto the bike and Eli hopped on behind me and we drove back.
"Should we tell the others about this?" Eli asked.
"Maybe later at dinner or something but let's enjoy our softball game we plan on having," I told her.
"Alright," Eli nodded.
We soon arrived back at the house and noticing that Marissa's Mustang was back I shut the garage door once I was near the switch and I entered into the house, Eli following close behind me.
"Hey!" Kate welcomed us back as she sat on one of the chairs in the dining room.
"Hey!" I smiled as I plopped myself onto a chair exhausted.
"You look tired, what happened?" Kate asked.
"Nothing," I lied.
"Something had to happen, you have blood on your shirt," Kate pointed at my shirt which dry blood was caked on it from the zombies.
Great! I thought in my head, forgetting how one of the zombies I stabbed blood splattered on my shirt, I didn't think it was a big deal at the time but know it is.
"There were a lot of zombies near the gate, so I decided to help for 2 minutes and then the replacements came," I answered telling her the truth but not all of it.
"That's odd, guard duty is usually easy and boring," Kate raised her eyebrows about the large amount of zombies.
"It's probably not a big deal," I shrugged.
"It's still pretty odd," Kate shrugged.
"I'm going up to my room for a moment," Eli told us.
"Alright," I nodded and Eli hurried up to her room.
"I'm going to go clean this shirt, it's my favorite," I sighed.
"Didn't he give that shirt to you?" Kate asked, touching a tough subject but luckily she didn't say his name.
"Yeah," I sighed as I walked out of the dining room.
The washing room is the 2nd door closest to the dining room in the living room, the first being Danni's. This house is huge with two stories, a dining room connected to the kitchen, 2 bathrooms, enough bedrooms for all of us and a washing room, a coat closet near the front door which we use as a coat room and where we keep some people's weapons except Kate and me since we like to keep our weapons near us, and the garage can fit a Mustang and two bikes with enough space for 4 more bikes in a row so I bet some rich people with tons of kids lived here.
Anyways, I opened the white oak door into a medium sized room and I walked over to the white washer which was on the other side of the room.
I quickly took off my tank and threw it into the dryer and turned it on.
The washer quietly washed away as I leaned against the wall to its left.
5 minutes later, the washer went off and I quickly pulled it out of the washer and threw it into the dryer.
Another 5 minutes passed and the dryer went off and I quickly slipped it on, feeling that dryer fresh I haven't felt in months.
I went outside of the washing room and I noticed that Marissa and Kate were talking to each other, Marissa's back facing me so I decided to have a little fun which I used to do with her before all of this happened.
Silent as a mouse, I secretly sneaked up behind her and I grabbed her shoulders really hard.
Marissa jumped out of her chair and screamed pretty loud as Kate and I burst out laughing.
"That wasn't funny!" Marissa sighed.
"You're so easily spooked!" I told her in between my laughs.
"Just like the good old days," Kate smiled.
"Whatever you two," Marissa finally cracked a smile.
Just then I heard the door banging.
"I'll get it," I got up and I walked to the door.
The banging became more frantic and faster as I walked to the door.
"I'm coming!" I yelled.
"Hurry!" A voice shouted and I started running and I quickly opened it.
"Mam! Please let me in!" A man in his late 30's pleaded.
"Why?" I asked.
"One of the fences fell, the zombies-" He was interrupted by a zombie tackling him and devouring him.
"Oh my god!" I shouted as I quickly pulled out one of my knives and stabbed the zombie in the head and I quickly shut and locked the door.
"What happened!?!" Marissa asked as she and Kate rushed over to me.
"We have to get out of here, now," I told them.
"Why?" Kate asked.
"One of the fences fell over, and zombies are pouring in," I told them and Marissa and Kate's faces turned pale.
"Marissa. go upstairs and tell everyone to pack only valuable things, and grab only your most valuable things that you can carry in your bag, Kate, go warn Danni, she's the only one down here besides you and go pack everything valuable, I'm going to grab my stuff and pack food," Kate ran into her room as me and Marissa sprinted upstairs.
I quickly dashed into my room which was right in front of the stairs and I quickly went to my bed and I grabbed all of my ammo which I hid in my nightstand, my picture frame which has me and my brother at our park that we used to go to all the time, my promise ring from someone else who I cared for deeply, I slipped on my light brown leather jacket, I quickly reloaded my pistol that way it had as many shots as it can, put the other ammo which had two bullets into my bag, and I quickly ran back downstairs.
I ran into the kitchen and I heard tons of loud noises just outside the house and screaming of mean, women, and children. I quickly stuffed all of the food into my bag even the food that would expire tomorrow and I also grabbed a bowl for cooking things and I heard everyone running downstairs.
"What are we going to do know?" Eli asked nervously.
"I need to get to my sister!" Danni demanded.
"We're screwed," Jayden moaned.
"No, we're going to be fine!" Kate told him.
Everyone started yelling at each other except me and Marissa.
"Will everyone shut up?!?" I shouted and then I heard one of the windows break near the front door.
I cussed several unclean words and then I ordered everyone to get into the garage and I quickly shut and locked the door, knowing that will save us some more time.
"Alright, here's the plan, everyone who doesn't have a car, hop in with Marissa while I drive my bike in the back and Jayden rides next to me," I ordered.
"What if I run out of ammo?" Jayden asked.
"Just make sure the zombies will stay off you, I've ridden 10 miles through a bigger zombie horde and I was fine minus the fact one of them stole one of my shoes I was wearing," I told him and Marissa and Kate nodded in agreement.
"What about my sister?" Eli asked.
"Mine too," Danni asked.
"We're going to get them once we drive over to the children's ward," I told them and they nodded. The people in charge of this place placed all the children deeper into this area that way they would be safe and called it the children's ward.
"What if they're dead?" Jayden asked and Danni and Eli glared at him.
"What? I'm asking a good question?" He shrugged, Jayden can be so insensitive.
"Then we'll cure them with a bullet, they aren't them," I looked into Danni's and Eli's eyes and they understood.
"They're probably alive so we'll just squeeze them in Marissa's Mustang as fast as we can and then get out of here," I told them.
"Sounds good," Marissa shrugged.
'What if we run out of gas?" Jayden asked.
"The rest of us will pull over, Kate keep look out if one of us pulls over, that way Marissa won't get her car wrecked," I looked at Kate and she nodded.
I heard loud thumping on the garage door and everyone knew that meant, to get in their ride.
"Alright, I'm going to open the garage door, get ready!" I shouted to Jayden as I quickly opened the garage door and zombies started flooding in.
"Go!" I shouted as I hopped onto my bike after shooting several zombies and Marissa blasted through the zombies and me and Jayden followed shooting as many zombies that were in our way to the children's ward.
Sorry, it took me a while to write it! Sorry if it's bad, I've been pushing myself hard for the past couple of days to get this out so I apologize again!

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