The 4 Elements ~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 1

Hestia Parkisan ~ My Birthday; The Orphanage Kids

"AHHH!" I Woke Up. I Looked Around. 2 Other Girls And A Boy Were Looking At Me.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I didn't know where I was. "Oh I'm Tallis." A Boy With Messy Brown Hair Said. "I'm Thalia, Thalie." A Girl Messy blonde Hair Smiled. "And I'm Lilly." A Girl With Dark Brown Hair Smiled. "And Where Are We?" I Asked. "We Don't Know, We Don't Remember." Lilly Said. "But I Don't Either." I Said. "By The Way, I'm Hestia. Please Call Me Het or Tia." I Added. "Your Eyes!" I Was Amazed. "Their Dark Blue, Grey and Light Green!" I Was Shocked.

"Woah Seriously?" Lilly asked. "And Yours are Bright Red!" Tallis looked as shocked as me.

"Breakfast Time!" We Heard a Bell. "Hmm...Okay?" Lilly shrugged. We Got out of our beds and walked into a kitchen. "Hello!" A Young Woman Was Taking Out Pancakes. "May I Ask, Where Are We?" I Asked.

"Greenwich Orphanage." The Young Woman Replied Giving Us Our Pancakes. "And I want To Go Outside." Lilly said. "No, Not Until Your all 13." The Woman Replied. "You With The Red Eyes, That's Tomorrow. And Then You With The Blue, And Then You With The Gray, Then You With The Green." She Smiled.

I ate my last pancake. I spent all day looking out the window, I saw people walk pass the orphanage, and smile. Lilly, Tallis, And Thalie Did The Same Thing.

"Good Night Lilly, Tallis, And Thalie, I'm Excited For My Birthday Tomorrow." I Snuggled Up Into My Blanket. "Good Night Tia, Good Night Het, Good Night Hestia." Lilly, Thalie, And Tallis Giggled. As Soon As I knew It....I Fell Asleep.

"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" I Woke Up And Jumped Around Everywhere. Thalie Was Reading a Book, Lilly was Biting her nails, and Tallis was Still sleeping. Thalie looked up. "Oh Hey. Happy Birthday." She shrugged and went back reading. "WAIT! Your Eyes, They Look Like They Have Flames Inside Them!" Lilly looked into my eyes. "Woah! Yeah!" Tallis woke up.

"Happy Birthday, May I Get Your Name?" The Young Woman Came In With a Cake. "Hestia Parkisan!" I Smiled. "Okay." She Spelled My Name on The Cake.

"Come in the kitchen to eat your cake!" The Young Woman Went To The Kitchen. "Actually, Madam, May I Know Your Name?" Lilly Asked. "Mileasa Shinrami." She Out A Number "13" Candle On the Cake. "Happy, Birthday, To, You, Hestiaaaa!!!!" Thalie, Lilly, And Tallis Smiled. I Blew Out The Candles.

Thanks So Much, I Thought.

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