This is a list of every single power I've seen in movies and on TV, read in books and thought of myself.

Chapter 1

Awesome List

Accuracy = whatever you aim at, you will hit, no matter what direction you are facing.

Acid Spit = though it does not harm your mouth, it will eat through everything but glass.

Acrobatics = this person is lighter and not controlled by gravity, when touching someone else, they too can jump higher and farther than the average human.

Air = can make wind do your will.

Artesis = you can turn anything into a work of art, like a tiger or a baseball bat.

Astro-projection = your subconscious presents itself in a second version of you.

Aura Vision = you can see peoples auras.

Blink = type of teleportation, you think of a place and blink your eyes, then you're there.

Blood Arms = if you cut yourself, you can use your blood as a weapon, for example, as a whip or a knife.

Blood Siphon = when you ingest the blood of another, you gain power from it.

Body Swap = you can swap your consciousness with someone else when you touch them, skin to skin, in effect, switching bodies and abilities. If you do not swap back within 24 hours, you will be stuck switched and they will gain your abilities, however, both bodies will never be able to swap back using those abilities again.

Breathe = you can breathe underwater.

Bubble Blast = you can create explosive bubbles from your hands.

Clairvoyant Detection = you can find anyone, anywhere, by touching something that belongs to them.

Copy Cat = when you watch something on TV, you can repeat it. (Wrestling moves, cooking, martial arts, etc.)

Cryokenesis = by reducing kinetic energy in atoms, you can cool or freeze objects or create ice.

Cyberpathy = you can interact and communicate with technology.

Death Vision = when you touch a corpse, you can see how they died.

Dream Manipulation = you can travel into dreams, access the subconscious and change the dreams of one person at a time.

Earth = you can make plants do your will.

Earth Shaking = you can manipulate tectonic plates, creating earthquakes or stopping them.

Electrokenesis = you can create electricity without an external source and control lightning.

Emotion Manipulation = you can change a person's emotions how you please.

Empathy = you can feel the emotions of those around you, and can sometimes use their abilities against them.

Energy Balls = you can create balls of pure energy in the palm of your hand, these can kill or shock depending on potency.

Enhanced Senses = your senses are 25 times better than the average human.

Fast Forward = you can speed up time, but you can't reverse it.

Fear Sensing = you can read fears by looking into the eyes of a person.

Flame Speak = you can speak a name to an object that creates light, and it the light becomes so powerful, it eliminates evil.

Flight = you can fly, but you need a running start, and can stay in the air as long as you want.

Genetic Transmografication = when you touch someone, skin to skin, it appears as if you have switched bodies and powers, however you are still in your body.

Goo Balls = you can form a ball of slime in your hand, when it touches the skin of someone with powers, it renders them powerless, until the goo is removed.

Guessit = no matter the question, your first guess will always be correct.

Healing (others) = you can mend any wound or break on another person.

Healing (self) = if you are injured, your body will mend itself within seconds.

Hydrokenesis = you can control and manipulate water and anything that contains water, and ice.

Ice Bite = your bite freezes and radiates pain throughout the area.

Illusion = you project sensory information into the minds of others, which means you can make them think that instead of their apartment, they're in the Amazon.

Imaginate = you can bring your thoughts and ideas to life.

Immortality = you will live forever, without aging or falling ill.

Immunity = when someone uses their ability against you, you are not affected, you never get sick either.

Impenetrability = your skin can not be breached by knives or bullets or any other type of weapon, though it is soft to the touch.

Intangibility = your molecules can be changed so you are able to pass through solid objects.

Invisibility = you can affect the visual cortex of anyone within visual range, so that you can not be seen.

Languanese = without having to learn it, you automatically know any language.

Laser Vision = you can shoot hot, red beams out of your eyes, it does not affect your eyes.

Levitation = you can float up to five feet in the air.

Lie Detector = you can tell whether a person is being honest or lying.

Livewire = you can breathe life into inanimate objects.

Living Art = you can brings works of art to life. (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc.)

Melt = you can turn your body into a liquid and back into a solid without harm.

Memorization = your memory is perfect, storing everything you've ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched or experienced.

Memory Manipulation = you can erase, create or mess with the memories of someone else.

Mental Numbness = you can take away a person's senses, so they are numb to what's going on around them.

Mental Pain = although it is not actual pain, you can make a person think they are feeling pain.

Mermaid = you can turn yourself into a half fish, half human being.

Metalesis = you can control or manipulate anything metallic.

Mimic = you can sound like anyone you've ever heard.

Mind Casting = you can tell what a person is thinking or feeling by the taste in your mouth.

Mind Control = you can take over someone's mind, and if you keep at it, you'll be able to control multiple people, if you control their mind long enough, it will eventually turn to mush.

Mindmeld = you can connect with any animal, one animal at a time, for a short amount of time, although sometimes you can pick up their traits.

Molecular Combustion = with a flick of your hands you can blow things up.

Molecular Immobilization = you can slow down molecules to the point they literally stop moving and won't resume until you want them to.

Molecular Manipulation = you can affect matter at a molecular level, causing them to heat up, explode, melt, or freeze.

Muse = you can cast spells through music.

Orb = a type of teleportation, imagine a place you've been or seen and in a swirl of white lights, you are there.

Picturesque = you can travel into movies, television or pictures.

Polymath = you are a genius with numbers, coordinates and math.

Portalis = you can open portals from where you are to where you want to go, allowing others to use your portals as well.

Power Charger = with a touch of your hand, you can increase another's abilities.

Power Duplication = if you touch someone with powers, you have their abilities, until you touch someone else.

Power Negation = if anyone with abilities comes within a 20 foot radius of you, they can not use their powers.

Power Theft = you absorb the powers of others through skin to skin contact, taking them away.

Precognition (premonitions) = you get glimpses of the future when you touch certain things, often to prevent them.

Projection = by touching another person's temples, dead or alive, you can project images from the last five minutes before they died or you touched them.

Projecture = This is an extremely useful power. You can use it to affect plants, objects, times, basically you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Pyrokenesis = you can create, manipulate and extinguish fire.

Regeneration = your limbs can regrow after being cut off.

Relationship Detection = you can tell how strong the bond is between two or more people.

Relife = you can temporarily bring a dead corpse back to life.

Replication (others) = you can make duplicates of objects and other people.

Replication (self) = you can clone yourself.

Reverse Shield = you can breech any shield or defense.

Rockesis = you can control any mineral.

Seduction = with one touch, you can make someone feel intense pleasure.

Seer = you can track people by seeing an invisible trail they've left behind, evil's trail is the easiest to track.

Sensability = when you touch someone skin to skin, you can borrow their senses.

Shapeshift (animals) = you can shift your shape into any animal.

Shapeshift (hands) = you can transform your hands into anything.

Shapeshift (people) = you can shift your form into any person.

Shapeshift (things) = you can change yourself into any inanimate object.

Shield = this protects you from any attack and can spread to protect others.

Shield (mental) = this protects you from any mental attack, you can also spread it out to protect others.

Shield (physical) = this protects you from any physical attack, you can also spread it out to protect others.

Shimmer = type of teleportation, you think of a place and then you are there in a sort of fade into existence.

Slomo = you can slow time down, so it's like you are moving super fast.

Snack Vision = like Laser Vision, but instead of beams, you shoot out food.

Solarium = you can create balls of light in the palm of your hand.

Sonic Voice = you can scream waves of sound at opponents, tends to be high pitched and can burst ear drums.

Stillness = your body can become so still that you look like a living statue.

Suggestion = when you speak a command to someone, the person you are talking to unwillingly obeys.

Super Size = you can shrink yourself to the size of a dime or grow yourself to the height of the tallest sycamore tree.

Super Smart = you can learn everything from a book, just by touching the cover.

Super Speed = you can run as fast as the speed of sound by exercising physical force in movement.

Super Strength = by exercising physical force well in excess of normal humans, you also have increased resistance to injury.

Super Stretch = you can contort your body into different shapes and lengths.

Talk to Animals = you can communicate with any and all animals.

Technopathy = you can control technology with your mind or by physical touch.

Telekenesis = you can move, manipulate and control objects without physical contact. The strength of this ability seems to be far beyond that of human potential, including super strength.

Telekenetic Orbing = you can teleport objects or people to you or away from you by calling its name.

Telepathy = you can hear the thoughts of everyone around you within a 40 foot radius, or project thoughts into their minds.

Teleportation = you picture a place and you are there within seconds.

Thing Vision = when you touch something you can see everything that has happened to or around it since it was created.

Time Vision = you can see different periods of time, past and future.

Truth Exposing = everyone within a 10 foot radius of you can say nothing but the truth.

Truth Telling = when you ask a question, the person can only answer honestly. You can only speak the truth yourself.

Venom = your bite can cause paralysis, render your victim unconscious, kill them slowly or instantly depending on your mood.

Volcanics = you can control lava or magma, but be careful with your emotions.

Weather = you can manipulate the weather.

Wishit = you can grant one wish for every person.

X-ray Vision = you are able to see through solid objects.


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