Broken Skies

My first book i have put up to quibblo. enjoy! comment on what i can do to improve my writing. being an author is my dream and i would love some support... im only 12 so i know i have i while to go, but i dream everynight of seeing my books up on the shelves! its not very long, only half a chapter but i just want to see how it goes. also i know my spelling is appauling! there we go spelt that wrong too... but thats because i have a mild dislecsia. lol, another spelling error. please comment! :3

Chapter 1

One: Under the stars

pulsations of light came crawling to earth and i watched each one as if a new born child. the sun drifted sadly beneath the crimson horizon and each star popped up one by one with there one tone of heart. with blues and reds, whites and yellows the sky began to fill with life. above all i could see the moon, it stared down with eyes of silver; its beams thronging on before sunburnt steps. rushing to grasp my telescope i noticed constellations begin to appear in the heavens. Orion watched me with a heart of courage, a sword clancked hard on his side buckled procariously in a long leather belt. the silver buckle gleamed happily in the middle, its two friends guarding from either side.
through the eyes of binoculars so much more was discovered, andromeda came with a blur of hope; wishing me forwards. pladies gathered silently between cracked clouds. such a sight of glory.

night come forward day behind,
stars of beauty all aligned,
hearts so pure that lost wander,
would stop his tracks to ponder.


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