What If...

This is a poem for the people in my group of friends at school. I am in a poetic mood again, and still sad, but I am trying to focus on the positive. If I didn't then I would have written a depressing poem...
Well guys, if you're reading this, you're amazing. to the people in my group of friends

Chapter 1

What If...

What if…there were no skies?
No grass or no trees?
Would we still get through life,
With so much ease?

What if… there was no light?
Would it be dark every day?
If there was no light,
It would be pretty dark, ay?

What if... there were no cities?
No suburbs or towns?
Then would this world,
Be full or frowns?

What if… there was to technology?
And all of it stopped?
Would you attempt to get it back?
Or is there something else you would opt?

What if… there was no sun?
No warmth on cold days?
We would all freeze to death,
Would you want to see how bad that weighs?

I could deal with all those things
Better than the Queens and Kings
But what if there was no Me or You?
Now that’s something I couldn’t do.


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