Countdown to the Quibbies Awards!

One more day to November 8th, the end of the nomination period for the 2013 Quibbies!

Our apologies if you got this invitation twice - invitations have wen temporarily down, so to make sure every sees this, when're sending it once more!

Chapter 1

Let's Stick Together!

Hey there, beautiful Quibblonians! Are you excited for the end of the Quibbies? Nominations have been spreading like wildfire - we're so pumped to see the turnout tomorrow!

There are a few categories that are lacking, so we wanted to suggest keeping a careful eye out for users or creations that fit into the following:

Serious Stella/Stanley (QA2013-ST) - Are there any users on here that are really serious about what they believe in? Would they argue to the end with you? This category belongs to those who are extremely passionate and serious about something they believe in.

Most Involved (Quibblo's Biggest Fan!) (QA2013-QBF) - That moment when you log on to Quibblo and see that one user hasn't commented on Quibblo's profile, he or she hasn't responded to your message or commented on something, and they haven't made a quiz... And you're like "WHAAT?!" If you know anyone who's always online and doing something, nominate them for this category!

Funniest Survey (QA2013-FQS) - How about that survey that makes you giggle when you see the questions or answers?

Most Difficult "This or That?" Survey (QA2013-MDQT) - "These choices are so difficult! I can't decide!" That would be the perfect "This or That?" nominee.

Best Music-Related Personality Quiz (QA2013-MRPQ) - What song are you? Which song on Taylor Swift's new album are you? Try nominating something like this!

Best Music-Related Scored Quiz (QA2013-MRSQ) - How well do you know the song lyrics? How well do you know the top songs of 2013? Nominate something like this!

Scariest Story (QA2013-SCS) - We just had a Halloween contest! Look up the (wc29 entries) and nominate them!

Best Crime Story (QA2013-CS) - There's always one of these riding around somewhere. Is it an unconventional person trying to solve a murder? A robbery? A broken heart? Hope you can find one!

Best Video Game Story (QA2013-VS) - We had a contest about idea games a while back too. Take a look at the (wc19 entries) and nominate away!

Hope you all have been able to find some awesome quizzes and stories so far! Nominations for the other categories are open too, so keep then coming until tomorrow at 12:00am (0:00) Quibblo time! Good luck and happy Quibbloing!


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