Chapter 1

Shh...they're everywhere

Sorry if it doesn't rhyme or make sense, it does in my head.

Shh.. they’re here
They’re all around us
Wherever we go
They watch without a fuss

Whatever we do
Wherever we go
They will be there
But their presence won’t show

They follow us everywhere
No way to get out
Of this trap we’re stuck in
Even if we scream and shout

They judge you and I
In every different way
They even have the power
To construct our day

I’ll let you on a little secret
About what these things are
They’re something everyone says
They can be near and far

They use these things
To put people to shame
Also to be happy
And often used in fame

These things are called “comments”
They can be nice, sweet and full of care
Or they can be dirty and rotten
But one thing I know, they follow us everywhere


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