Never was a fan of thunder - Neville Longbottom Story

Never was a fan of thunder - Neville Longbottom Story

A little piece of fluffy goodness

Chapter 1

One shot

She never was a fan of thunder. As a kid she would hide under her mothers bed with a pillow clamped tightly down across her ears as she sobbed into the carpet. But as she got older she learnt to handle to fear better. It was still there, strong as ever, but she no longer needed to bury her face in her mothers bedroom floor anymore. That's why in her 5th year attending the famous school of Witch Craft and Wizardry she was more than surprised to have a storm as bad as this one unleashing its wrath onto the old brick walls. It was even more surprising that her and Neville where tucked into the deep red chairs of the library finishing their Herbology homework for the next morning when the first crack of thunder rattled the windows ripping a shriek from her throat as her hands pushed hard against the sides of her head. Neville was equally surprised, looking up from his parchment not at the clap of thunder echoing through the corridors of books but at the high pitched shriek that came from beside him.
Amy was shaking, pale as a ghost with a cold sweat across her brow. When she spotted the concerned frown on her friends face her hands dropped instantly, white sleeve of her school shirt dapping at her forehead.
"It's-" She jumped at the sound of another clap of thunder ripping through the sky. She took a deep breath "it's getting late. We-we better start heading off before curfew" she hurried to pack away her things, clumsily dropping two or three things in her hast. Concern still etched in his face Neville tucked his books back in his bag with his quills and ink, rolling up his parchment and sealing it with a length of rope. Neville struggled to keep up with the red head as she walked briskly, hands gripping on to the leather strap of her bag far to tight, towards the hallway. He eventually caught up to her as another clap of thunder caused her to jump away from the window and towards the opposing wall with a squeak. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, tears burning behind her closed eyes. A soft hand rested against her shoulder making her jump slightly and turn towards the green eyes of the friend she forgot was there.
"Why don't you stay the night in Gryffindor Tower? You don't look up to walking all the way to the Hufflepuff dorms" a warm smile played across his lips as he gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. Ever the gentleman, always thinking of others, so Neville like. With watery eyes she nodded, allowing his arm to wrap around her shoulders for support. She leaned in close to his side, taking full advantage of his offer comfort. They made it through the portrait with ease, Neville delivering the password and the two awkwardly climbing through the narrow hole one by one. The real challenge came when they entered the empty Common Room. "I was sure Ginny would still be up" Neville muttered to himself as he paced outside the girls staircase "she has a spare bed you see, could have kipped in there" a bolt of lightning lit up the room, closely followed by a defending boom. With a quiet scream Amy rushed to bury her face in the scratchy wool of her friends school jumper, hands grasping desperately to his waist as tears finally won out.
"I don't care. I'll just sleep with you" she sobbed. A blushed rushed up Neville's neck to cover his cheeks. She slapped his lightly on the side "I'll kip with you. Just...get me away from the dam thunder" clearing his throat he composed himself, gripping her shoulders he lead her up the stairs towards the boys dorm room.

The room was dark , the only light being the candle Dean forgot to blow out. Setting Amy down on the bed Neville stripped out of his tie, jumper, socks and shoes. He gently took her bag from her, dumping them both beside his trunk.
"I have nothing to wear" a shaky voice whispered into the dark.
"Eh-oh right um..." Neville rushed to his trunk to dig out an old school top that was far to big ("you'll grow into it") and a pair of grey and white checked boxer shorts "here, your smaller then me so you should fit them just fine" she took them with shaky hands, a Ghost of a smile dancing across her cheeks in the flickering candle light.
"Bathroom?" She stood on wobbly legs
"Oh right, just over there" she took a small step to where he pointed but stopped in her tracks. Gripping the shirt and shorts tightly.
"Could-" she turned towards him over her shoulder, eyes down cast "could you wait outside the door? Please?" She turned her head back towards the door, expecting a refusal but Neville's hand fell once again on her shoulder, that warm smile back.
She got changed quickly, badly folding her uniform to place on the top of Neville's trunk for the morning. Neville waited patiently and when she emerged attempted to suppress a squeak of surprise when she rushed out in his shirt and his boxer shorts. The blush returned along with an uncomfortable flutter low in his stomach. She was already tucking herself in when he finally got himself together enough to remember how to walk. Sliding in beside her they faced opposite directions, Amy towards Deans bed and Neville up towards the roof. That changed quickly as another bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a deafening clap of thunder. Amy screamed rolling towards Neville and curling herself in as tightly as possible to his warm chest. He hushed her as the booming noise passed, hand instinctually gravitating towards her long hair and brushing his fingers gently through it. Slowly she fell into a deep sleep, flinching and whimpering as the thunder moved further and further from the castle. Hand still tangled in her hair and arms wrapped around each other he slowly drifted off himself, a satisfied smile playing across his lips.

sometimes you just got to write some Neville. Been away I know. But I hope this makes up for it and you get cavities from the sweetness of this one shot. (::) (::)

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