Rough Waters (An Original Group Story)

Rough Waters (An Original Group Story)

brought to you by pinkyfreckles and myself.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Arabella's Pov)

"He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me.." I, Arabella Johansen muttered while my fragile hand slowly plucked the white petals off the dying flower before letting them dance in the wind. "He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me."

I continued to do this to this delicate piece of nature, waiting for one of my best friends to pick me up before we would pick up our other two best friends for our week we will spend at one of the rental cottages for spring break. The rental cottage that we found for a reasonable price between the four of us was about 2 hours from our home town and we will be traveling all the way to Siesta Key.

My long dark brown hair slightly blew to the direction of the Florida breeze as I heard rumbling from a convertible coming closer to my modern stucco house. I curled my hand above my eyes and squinted in the sun to see it was Charlie's clean white convertible. I grinned at the thought of Charlie before whispering to myself. "He loves me... He loves me not."

I stood up gracefully setting the dead flower down as Charlie put the car in park and grinned, "Hey there kid, hop in."

I snorted at his remark before peering into the open door of my house and shouted, "Mom! He's here! I'll see you in a week!"

With that, I closed the door and watched Charlie get out of his car and walked over to me, his beautiful eyes peered down at me before grabbing my suitcase for the week and putting it in the trunk of his car.

"Looking good Ara!"

I snorted at his comment before bumping my best guy friend/crush with my shoulder, "Charles Gore, you my friend are the biggest flirt there is."

He purred at me and I rolled my eyes mumbling, "Such a dork you are."

He laughed kissing my cheek in a friendly gesture before hopping into his car, over the door. I heaved out a long, dramatic breath which just made him laugh because I'm definitely not dramatic before opening the door on the passenger side and buckled up. The two of us looked at each other, his hazel eyes sparkling with thrills and my grey eyes dancing along.

"Well let's get rolling to our next stop! We need to leave by 2 in order to beat the traffic." Charlie exclaimed cheerfully.

Always the joker and flirt. He loves me. He loves me not

And with that last thought of mine, the two of us drove off to get to our next friend's house that was about 14 blocks from my own house.

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