I don't know how to write an introduction... Awkward...

Chapter 1


by: Bay35
Hello, I just got a quibblo and it's like 11 pm and i'm bored. So, I thought i'd write this cause no one knows me on here and so no one can really judge meO.o
So here are some random facts about me:
1. One of my favorite shows to watch is The Lying Game, but I'm only in season 1 because I watch it on Netflix.
2. The last movie I saw in the theater was City of Bones and I absolutely LOVED it (I'm a total MI nerd).
3. Most people don't know it, but I love to write. I'd like to be an author one day.
4. I am the most awkward dancer on the planet.
5. My favorite type of music is alternative, but I'll listen to and enjoy almost any genre.
6. My favorite actress is Lucy Hale and my favorite actor is Taylor Lautner.
7. I usually go to bed at like 8 but don't fall asleep until like 1.
8. If I could get a tattoo, it would be on the inside of my wrist. It would say "Believe" in white ink.
9. I am 14 years old and a freshman.
10. My role model is definitely 100% Grace Kelly.
11. I have a massive headache right now:O
12. I love to sing but I'm scared to sing in front of people.
13. My favorite store is Delia's.
14. I used to want to be a veterinarian when I grew up.
15. Now I want to be an actress or an author.
16. I'm vegetarian.
17. I'm allergic to mosquitoes.
18. My hobbies are reading, writing, sewing, acting, singing, tennis, and playing Just Dance:)
19. My house key has Spongebob painted on it... And I'm proud;p
20. I've always wanted to go to New York.
21. I love Meg Cabot books and anything supernatural.
22. I have lived in the same house since I was three.
23. I have a German Shepherd and a betta fish.
24. The dog is named Chase and the fish is Damon.
25. I hate when people bite their ice cream... It's just disturbing...
26. I hate cottage cheese with a passion.
27. Trains scare me. So do elephants, dolls, deep water, small spaces, being trapped, being suffocated, not being able to see, the inability to move a body part, and basically everything.
28. My cell phone sucks.
29. I use way too much chapstick.
30. My dad is a detective.
31. I forgive people too much.

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