You're invited to my 200 FRIENDS PARTY!!!! :D (please read, you'll love it!)


Chapter 1


It's actually kind of a funny story. Nobody read it, but on my profile I posted;

TheStegosaurus 11-01-2013 at 10:57 PM report delete
XD hoping to wake up tomorrow with 200 friends; wish me luck!

HA!! Like that would ever happen XD

So, like all things good.... I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND HAD 200 FRIENDS!! Which is super weird and awesome. :D

If you've known me for very long, then you'll know that I never even realized I had 100 friends for a while, and I didn't really Do anything about it. Not even a story, not even a post on my profile. So I'm gonna do shout-outs like any normal person (even though we all know I'm not very normal)


Alicia (DragonTears1)- Cookies eating purple elephants wearing teeth gorillas waiting angry hippo grandmothers and hippies dancing around the humungogantis fire dragon from Persia water babies diapers full of coconuts watermelons fight spirits of darkness and evil chipmunks standing beside boiling herrings splashing tomatoes all night laughing maniacally at miniature cars with yellow hats raining gumballs for victory laps gigantic ponies making waves from glowing hypogenic glue from Ireland painting pictures in sunlit shorts with leaping frogs who love carrots and icing for happiness letters of joy cupcakes and gumdrops of multicolored sugar skulls filled with lovely iridescent specks of pretty ponies flying around magical rainbow necklaces of beautiful fairies with sharp wings and teeth that cut into everything sparkly into tiny pieces of iridescent bubblegum and butterfly rainbows dancing along brightly colored flowers and happiness with sparkly unicorns and mermaids with bubbles of many gases and liquids infused with thousands of tiny alien life-forms made of sparkly... Those are the words that explain Alicia. XD Sort of.

Amelia (Quizmaker2)- From our Glee character rants to writing a whole story, you've been such a great friend through the times. I thank you so much :D

Aurea (Faer)- Thank you, so much, for being awesome. I can't be more specific than that. Or maybe I can. You're sweet and funny and smart and Quibblo wouldn't be half as fun without you. :DDD

Diana (dlakshmi)- MARSHMALLOW GUN!!! Nuff said. XD YOU ROCK

Emily (emilyelf616)- (try at singing) You be George, I'll be Fred (fails at singing) I was going to write an awesome song, but I failed. So, now what? YOU'RE AWESOME AND HILARIOUS AND WITH YOU WORLD DOMINATION WOULD BE EASY You're welcome :P XD

Faith (hollowoz)- You are such a magnificent writer and you are so nice, I hope you go far in your future. No, not 'far away'... XD I mean you should be famous someday. Seriously.

Huffie (Hufflepuff1Forever)- I know that's not your real (haha, Realie, get it? :P) name, but I DON'T CARE it's what I know you by. You're awesome, hilarious, and so understanding, and a great writer, thank you for being awesome enough to GO ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WEBSITE! :D

Leyla (spotwelcome)- You are an awesome friend outside and inside, Thank you for all the years :)

Maddy- I've forgotten how many shout-outs I've done for you; but it usually goes something like talking about HOW AWESOME YOU ARE and HOW YOU'RE AN AMAZING WRITER and HOW YOU'RE A GREAT FRIEND. So, thank you. :)

Shannon (hailtheripper)- Shannon, you are an incredibly awesome person. I hope you become a comedian someday because I WOULD PAY TO SEE YOU PERFORM. So thank you :)

ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR EVERYONE!!! There are so many more I'd love to include, some of my biggest friends have deleted over the past and that's always sad. But I'm focusing on the happy right now :)

Oh! I forgot one important person...

YOU!! Because I couldn't have reached 200 without Every Single One of my friends. No, seriously, without just one of you I'd be at 199. So I do need all of you. So don't plan on deleting any time soon.

So, my dear friend, YOU ARE INVITED to my 200 friends party, happening in the comments of this quiz! Bring food, please, as it is a potluck and we plan to have food fights. >:D

And one more note; in honor of 200 friends, soon I shall post a story of my 'Quibblo life' over the years. I encourage you to read it, as it will be HILARIOUS.



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