For The Girls Who Are Impossible To Love

Chapter 1


do not let the boys with the moonlit eyes try to tame you,
for you are a wolf who runs alone
with the sun burning through your eyes.
when he tries to tame you,
and draws you in with his beautiful metaphors
turn your head
and walk away.
he will compare you to a burning house
and declare that you are blinding him,
tell you that he could never leave you,
forget you,
want anything but you.
he will declare to the highest heavens that you dizzy him.
he is drunk on your eyes
and high on your smile.
you are completely unbearable,
and every girl before or after you has been dropped in your name.
he cannot escape you, he says.
his teeth ache with the memory of your taste.

but you are too intense, he whispers.
you are unashamed and sacrificial
and completely frightening in the intensity of you desire for him.
you have adjusted the man in your head to be exactly like this one,
although in reality
they are more different than i can say.
and i think you're trying to change,
trying to become prettier,
more docile,
less awake.
you are attempting to tame yourself.
but even asleep, his absence is obvious
and you can feel him slowly drifting away.
for what are you but the girl who was impossible to love?
what do you want to do, beautiful
split his head open
for daring to drift so far away?
someone should have warned you that you cannot make either a home or an anchor out of a human being.


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