There's Justice In Love

Chapter 4

Morning Chores and A Surprise Visitor

It was a Saturday and I was up at the crack o' dawn with my sister. Today we had chores. My little sister Bridget was whining the whole time.
"Oy! Shut your piehole you numpty!" I said as I was running 'round the house doing every chore-even Bridget's because Mum lets her get away with it. As I was moppin' I sang "Drunken Sailor"-aye, the only song that puts me in a jolly mood during Saturday morning chores-even as I'm cleaning up after Shamrock's-my Sheltie-doo.. Once all the chores were done, there was a knock at the door.
"Janey! A guest!" I said as I answered the door. Seymour quietly entered with that regal stride and gentle smile. "Such a quaint, cozy home...Irish no doubt."
"How'd you find me?"
"Your older brother," Seymour politely replied, kissing my hand lightly.
"'re in trouble," Mum playfully teased," Roxas won't like it if he sees you with this handsome, charming young seducer of a man...."
"Ooohhhh MUUUUUUUUM!" I groaned in embarrassment, my cheeks rosy red," You're embarrassing me!"
"If you are attracted to me, there is no need for shame," he assured," I take it as a compliment I do not deserve.."
When he said that he left my knees weak. Bridget whined," Aw man! Why can't I have a friend over?!"
"Hush," Mum softly replied as Seymour and I went into the parlor and sat by the fire. It was very quiet and tense-and yes,I'd fallen in love with him.The only light was the soft, golden glow of the fire, perfectly illuminating Seymour's flawless face. I felt passionate love boiling in my blood like a bubbling cauldron.
i didn't just love him-I craved him, I wanted him, I desired him...
Seymour gazed into my eyes and smiled as he caressed my cheek with his hand."Felicity...a most beautiful name... it means 'happiness'-and rightly so, because an innocent, sweet, beautiful woman like you would bring any man pure joy.It is pure beatitude that I am even in your presence. Desire and passion burns and scorches my very soul. Felicity, my passion, my deepest desire...will you have me?"
I sighed and nodded as his lips sweetly and seductively brushed against my own.His arms gently and possessively held me close. He once told me he was a pure Italian-and I could definitely tell, because as lovers Italians are legendary for their ardent nature he dipped me and deepened the kiss, not noticing that my mum had just come in.
"Non riesco a resisterti sedurre" Seymour passionately whispered( translation in English: I can't resist seducing you).
"Seymour Guado, you are one baaad boy," I replied, gently tugging on his hair as he kissed my neck- when I suddenly noticed Mum. "Venite a me la mia dolce bella amante," he murmured, kissing me lustfully.
"Take it easy there Casanova," I playfully teased to defuse the awkwardness of the situation," Momma bear's in the den."
Seymour glanced up at my mum and he went red in the face,his lips still on mine-caught in the act......AWWWWWWWWKKKKKKKKWWWWAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDD!
"My apologies," Seymour nervously chuckled, " Forget myself for a moment...enchanted by your daughter's exquisite beauty...."
Fortunately for us, Mum laughed ," Don't worry about it. As long as yer not flattenin' my daughter it's fine."
"Oh Mum....did you HAVE to say THAT?!"
Mum left the room, and things really heated up-you would think we were in minutes in heaven with one minute left. He was so passionate that he had me gently pinned against the wall, gently pressing his soft strong body against my own, . With every seductive sentence he mixed English and Italian."Baciami il mio amore, let me once more feel those soft rose petal lips against my own."
Mmmm. Janey Mack! What he just said was extremely sexy.
When he left, he gave me a single crimson rose...
That night, I'd realized the mess I'd gotten myself into. What was I to do now?
Janey Mack! I'm caught in a tricky love triangle! Aggggh!
I gazed at the rose and pictured Seymour's passionate heart beating for me at every moment, and Roxas burning with rage at my lover for stealing my heart...
Janey Mack, This surprise comes with a tough choice....

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