There's Justice In Love

Chapter 3

Romantic Chemistry In Chemistry Class

Throughout Chemistry class,Seymour and I worked together in between flirting with each other.
Our group mates, Jack and Dean were having a belching and farting contest.
"Did you just challenge me?" Jack said.
"Maybe I did," Dean replied with a loud and obnoxious burp.
"Pull my finger-oh-nevermind." Jack replied as he passed a really smelly bout of gas.
"Oh, now that's just gross! That's just disgusting," I groaned as I caught the smell of beans," Guys knock it off! You're stinkin' up the classroom."
Ooh! This is so embarrassing. Here I am flirting with a guy who's intelligent, sweet, polite, charming, and seductive-yet these two idiots are fooling around in a really gross and immature way. "You really are quite intelli-" Seymour began.
URRRRRRRRRRRP! Seymour shook his head, filled two flasks with water, and splashed them both. "Really you two! Enough with your infantile sense of humor! Do you not see that we're in the presence of a lady?!"
URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP! "Oh,you two are EMBARRASSING!" Seymour growled and gave them what I like to call "The Guado Stare."
It's the look that can intimidate even the most unruly troublemakers into settling down.Jack said," Yeeesh! Alright Guado you win-and if you don't mind I need your help. Instead of making eyes at my sister you could give me a hand!"
I learned that Seymour was a straight A student and was an avid poet as well as a talented musician. He and I shared the same values and family problems-his little brother Benjamin was extremely obnoxious.
"A flatulence contest would be his idea of humor," Seymour said as he shuddered with revulsion, "How infantile and uncouth. My idea of humor is using wit in intelligent puns and jokes with good taste....
There definitely is more than one kind of chemistry going on in this class....

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