There's Justice In Love

Chapter 2

The Seducer arrives

All over Lincoln news of a charming and handsome new arrival spread like wildfire.
Of course, I didn't know until I met him, face to face.
He walked up to me, bent low, and lightly kissed my hand. "Please, forgive me if I stare, but I have never been so taken with such....exquisite beauty..."
I couldn't look away from those seductive ice blue eyes and that regal smile on his fine ivory face. His sleek raven hair fell perfectly too his shoulders....
I giggled and blushed... ooh, he has the look of a bad boy. He gave me a single red rose. I was instantly smitten...Who was this...this mysterious seducer?
"I am Seymour, son of Edward Guado, a well known wealthy judge of the supreme court...and you are?"
"Felicity McCarrol."
"Ahhh, it is a great pleasure..." He said, giving my hand another gentle kiss.
Oh Seymour, you are misbehaving...If Roxas caught you he would REALLY make a BIIIIIG stink...
Seymour gave Roxas a cocky smirk and said," I hear that you have been seeing that...that riff-raff...A woman of your caliber deserves someone of higher class. Someone who would be an ardent and faithful lover. Someone who wouldn't force her into such...such crude lechery if she chooses not to....If it were me, I would kiss the very ground you walked on."
At lunch I told the girls about Seymour.
"Janey! And he was so handsome."
"Ooh gurrrrl..." Nevaeh said as she saw Seymour blowing me a kiss," Gimme a piece o' that!"
"Hey!" Crystal piped," Girl Code rules: Felicity saw him first. Dang! Felicity you are SOOOOO LUCKY! He's freakin' gorgeous! Girl I so wish I was in your place right now-but what about Roxas? He's going to crap a brick if he finds out-scratch that- He'll crap out a whole house!"
Even though I was dating Roxas-he can be good sometimes-I couldn't deny my attraction to Seymour...intelligent,sweet,confident, elegant, even.
The next day, for a dare, I allowed that naughty Seymour to kiss my cheek-Boy did Roxas EVER crap a brick! He was just FLIPPIN' his lid! Aye! T'is true!
Roxas was cursing to high heaven so many times that it made "South Park" look like "The Teletubbies"!
Seymour smirked at Roxas and gave me a quick kiss on the lips."Fino a quando ci incontreremo di nuovo il mio amore," Seymour amorously whispered as he kissed me again. I felt my face flushing as he left to our next class....
I'm smitten with that seducer.....

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