There's Justice In Love

Chapter 1

Luck O' the Irish (Prologue)

The Irish are supposed to be lucky right? Well from my experience it's a load of blarney! My father is a drunken sailor who always embarrasses himself, me and my mum don't get along-and my current boyfriend is no good, cheatin' scurvy dog!
Not only that, but it's always me who has to babysit my eight year old little sister- a wee devil more like. Aye, my life is like sailing a ship on a stormy sea-but I get past the tides with the help of my friends. If our schoolwork was a ship, I was the captain.Even though they're good friends-numpties,the lot o' them! Aye, forgot my manners! Top o' the mornin' to you! I'm Felicity, Felicity McCarrol. Let me tell you, I'm the feistiest lass in the whole of Lincoln High school, but also as I've said, the uncluckiest...
But one luck and life changed......

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