This is a story of powers and love. I think you will like the humor and mystery too.
Long Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Fair skin

Blue hair
Baby blue eyes
Tan skin

Blonde hair
Green eyes
Light skin

Brown wavy hair
Hazel eyes
Tan skin

Brown hair
Brown eyes
Dark skin

Brown hair
Brown eyes
Tan skin

Chapter 1

I Can't Believe

"Totally. Worth. It," Ellie whispered to Abby as they walked to detention. Abby looked down at the tile floor sadly, the strange colors pulling her in. A rock lay directly in her eyes path. She kicked the rock, taking it away from here eyes path. She loved the intriguing colors. Gray did not look good.
The rock hit Proffesor Wyven's feet, their angry counselor stared at them with hate. "Oooh, Abby you in trouble now! " Ellie whispered to Abby. "Get to detention NOW!" Proffesor. Wyven yelled at them. "Yes sir," they both said in unison. "That was close," Abby whispered to Ellie. "Ya, I thought he was gonna have a tantrum!" Ellie replied as Hannah walked up holding her boyfriend, Justin's, hand. "Ellie, gluing the bathroom door shut was genius! The 6th graders peeing their pants! So hilarious! 6 sent home in just one hour! So what if we got a week a detention! The look on their faces. Soooooo funny!"
Abby started to tear up. Did she really make a good decision by sticking with her friends? "Abby, you sad? Want Hannah to ask you?" Justin said while making baby faces at Abby. "Its just, she might cry!" "I do NOT cry Justin!" Abby said, pulling her tears in. Justin wasn't going to best her. "I have known yu g=for 5 years, have I ever cried?" "Ya! You cried in math when you saw the 62-or- something page test we had to take! "Justin!" Abby screeched. "I had an allergic reaction to the latex paint on the walls! There!" "Ya right," Justin replied sarcastically.
"Oh, so you've never cried before!" Abby yelled while gathering courage. "I have never cried before!" Justin said. "I am the manliest man of man!" Justin said back. That got weird looks from the other students. Why are they arguing? "More like the lamest lame of lame!" Abby said back. "Break it up!" Ellie said. She stood in between the two, pushing them apart. She stared Abby down. Abby backed up as if to surrender.
"Lets just get to detention." Ellie said, trying to remain calm. Ellie grabbed Justin and Abby's hand and pulled them past 3 doors to detention. Hannah walked behind them laughing. It was hilarious!
" Are we going to have to go?" Ellie asked Justin and Abby. "No mommy!" Justin said back. "Justin!" Ellie shrieked. "Mommy you hurt my feelings!" Justin said back. By now, Hannah was in tears. She couldn't get enough!
Ellie shrieked again. Abby gathered up her last bit of courage. "It wasn't my idea to start a conversation about how lame Justin is!" Abby complained. "Just go in the room!" Ellie said while pushing Abby and Justin in. Ellie started walking in. Then, she banged her toe against the door.
"Owww!" Ellie said. "Yes!" Hannah thought to herself. No detention! "Lets take you to the nurse Ellie, something worse than a cut could of happened here."
Hannah helped Ellie to the nurses office. On the way there, they noticed that Professor Wyven was staring at them "That man is a creep!" Hannah said to Ellie. "Yep," Ellie replied.
When they arrived at the nurses office, only a few people were there. One or two gymnasts who fell off the pyramid, football player whose arm was bleeding, and a jazz player with his arm stuck I his tuba. Ellie walked up to the nurses desk, balancing on her other foot. The nurse looked at Ellie's foot for a second or two. "Take her to my office. She may have suffered a 'Aculaderal atle storilla malt'." The nurse said. "What does that mean?" Hannah said, acting as dramatic as possible. "Oh, it means she may be bleeding!" The nurse said happily. "We already know its bleeding!" Hannah yelled back dramatically. "Lets go," Hannah said to Ellie. They walked (or hopped) out of the room, ready to leave school and catch the bus.
But, Professor Wyven stopped them. "Go to my office. Right now." He said to them. They didn't dare ask why. They went into his office. Rainbows and hearts were all over the walls. How to Stand up to bullies, Divorce, Be yourself, Have courage, all sorts of books like that were there on little bright green book shelves. The floor was tile and had a pink mat in the middle of the room. There was a desk on side of the room. It had empty jars and language books. But what language? What could those possibly be for?
"Each of you lay down on separate meditation tables. Stomach up. You obviously need to relax," he said with a sly smile. They both layed down and got comfy. I guess he can be nice, Ellie thought to herself as she closed her eyes.
"When I press this button, you will feel, uh, lets say, relaxed", he said slyly. With that, Professor Wyven pushed the button. Before either Hannah or Ellie knew what had happened, there forehead, hands, torso, and feet were strapped down with metal latches.
They also couldn't because Professor Wyven walked over and shut their mouths with tape. "I know your secret!" Professor Wyven said. "Now hand over your powers! Do it NOW! Oh, tape? Those words can escape mere tape! Oh, playing dumb? You KNOW what to do. Say it. Sickoni am Lacad Elchoin malger
purcer!" As soon as he finished, purple sparkles started to float out of him, coming from nowhere.He began to look tired. His skin became wrinkled, there were bags under his eyes and his back become hunched and he became smaller. He reached out and grabbed the sparkles, pulling them to his chest. "What the heck is going on here? This man is insane! This is illegal!" Hannah thought to herself. Something horrible came over her. What if he was going to kill them? Hannah washed that thought away, even though it was a very real possibility.
Professor Wyven let out a sigh of relief. He suddenly had no wrinkles, he was taller, his back was straight, and he had no eye-bags. Then, his brain (Or something that looked like a brain) floated out of his head. It was ginormous! The brain was filled with pictures of books, pencils, math equations, famous people, places, and just facts about everything. He was obviously very intelligent, but also insane.
"Oh, I forgot! Your newbies. I'll have to MAKE you mad so I can take your powers with my jar!" The girls were freaking out. This guy was insane! Professor Wyven walked over to Ellie and started flicking her head. After a minute of this, Ellie had had it! Her hands and feet were on fire, as well as her hair. She burned off the latches and removed the tape on her mouth. But Wyven didn't notice, he was busy flicking Hannah! Hannah had had it.Her eyes turned completely brown and a piece of the floor was lifted into the sky and broke a hole in the ceiling.
The piece of the floor Wyven and Hannah were standing on was lifted up and threw the ceiling. Rocks smashed the hooks holding Hannah's hands, feet, and forehead down. 2 boulder from the forest beside the school were suddenly squeezing Wyven's body together. The rocks scooched closer together, and so were Hannah's hands. Wyven was struggling to breathe. A voice suddenly came from below, "stop!" Hannah put her hands down, letting her, Wven,the table, and the rocks fall. Ellie dodged everything and caught Hannah.
Hannah's eyes returned to their normal hazel and white color. She stood up. She then collapsed back into Ellie's arms, realizing what had just happened. "Hannah, my hands were on fire!" Ellie shouted excitedly at Hannah. "I, honestly, am scared!" Hannah replied, not thinking about what Ellie had said. "Ellie," Hannah said crying. "I'm just, just coming to a sudden reali- realization. I'm, I'm weird!" I'm awesome, but I'm weird! I am freaked!"
Hannah and Ellie stood up and ran. Out of Wyvens office, out of school, out of the place of the bad memories. No thoughts of leaving family behind came to them, except Justin to Hannah. They were orphans who lived at the city orphanage, and they hated it their. Abby and Justin lived there, too. But, Hannah pushed the thoughts out of her head. She had to run. She was an entire 10 behind Ellie.

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