Very random/weird song lyrics my class had me write before changing the subject.

They aren't finished and I don't plan on finishing them. Me and this person in class were just joking around with this. The others in class told me to write a love song about:

Chapter 1

Kentucky Fried Doughnuts

by: Luxray100
I once had a love,
her name was KFD,
Kentucky Fried,

I loved her so much,
but they discontinued her,
because she gave people heart attacks,
but that's ok,
because I love her anyway,

one night I woke up,
and my heart was hurtin',
so I ate some more,
Kentucky Fried Doughnuts,

I woke up in the hospital,
they said I had diabetes,
but that's ok,
because I love Kentucky Fried Doughnuts,
and I'll eat her every day,

some doughnuts have sprinkles,
some doughnuts have bacon,
some doughnuts have icing,
but nothing compares to Kentucky Fried Doughnuts,

I love KFD,
she was so sweet to me

And that's all we got before they got smart and used the first lyrics that I had already written.


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