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Bold whats true.

Chapter 1

Chap One

Your surname begins with M.

You’re engaged.

Your significant other’s name begins with A.

You have children.

Your birthday is in August.

You only wear make-up on special occasions.

You’re often told that you’re attractive.

You’re always there for your friends, no matter what.

You have 3 brothers.

Your favourite colour is pink.

Your surname begins with R.

You dye your hair a lot.

You dislike your natural hair colour.

You have freckles.

Your eyes are hazel.

You can be very loud at times.

You have 2 sisters.

You hate your ex.

You live by yourself.

You’ve proposed to someone with a gummy ring before.

Your surname begins with B.

You’re still with your first love.

Your significant other’s name begins with P.

You have an older sister.

You used to be shy, but aren’t so much now.

Your parents are divorced.

You don’t go on Facebook very often.

You’re forgetful.

You try to be nice to everyone.

You love Oreos.

Your middle name begins with E.

You don’t plan on getting married or having children.

You have green eyes.

You’re quite pale.

You like to hug people a lot.

You can come across as being quite random and crazy.

You wear a lot of black.

You live with your significant other.

You like baking.

Your parents are still married.

You have a double-barrelled surname.

You’ve been in your current relationship for over 2 years. / (5 years) /

You love cats.

You can be quite accident-prone.

Your brother’s name begins with P.

Your sister’s name begins with M.

You love dresses.

You enjoy helping others.

You like to wear red lipstick.

You’ve suffered the loss of someone very close to you.

Your surname begins with G.

You’ve been single for quite a while now.

But that doesn’t bother you.

You get along well with the opposite sex.

You’re really picky with food.

You’re a Taurus.

You don’t talk about your personal life a lot.

Your musical taste changes often.

You prefer Pepsi to Coke.

You’re good at cheering people up.

You have short hair.

You wear glasses.

You’re very close to your mother.

Your birthday is in July.

Your best friend is of the opposite sex.

You suffer from migraines.

You’d like to be in a relationship

But you want to finish college/university first.

You prefer dogs to cats.

You’re short.

Your middle name begins with N.

Your birthday is in November.

You have several tattoos.

You stand up for what you believe in.

You’re an only child.

You can be quite stubborn.

Your favourite genre of music is dance.

Your middle name begins with J.

You’re friends with some of your exes.

You don’t like pizza.

You’re anemic.

You’re not shy at all.

You straighten your hair

Your sister’s name begins with L.

You have/had a crush on someone older than yourself.

Your favourite animals are giraffes.

You think about others before yourself

You look younger than your actual age.

You love boy bands

You’re easily amused

And you laugh at inappropriate times.

You’ve done some voluntary work.

You cry easily.

You’re quite boyish.

You never wear make-up.

Your birthday is in September.

You’re the youngest sibling.

You don’t worry about what others think of you.

Your birthday is in May.

Your favourite colour is green

You love Family Guy. .

You don’t really eat sweets or chocolate.

You’re good at standing up for yourself.

You’re a good swimmer.

You use hair gel.

You’ve been in several plays.

Your significant other’s name beings with J.

Your birthday is in March.

You feel that you’re misunderstood a lot of the time.

You smile often.

*You’re very interested in history. *

You read a lot.

You spend a lot of time by yourself.

You have/had a black cat.

You sometimes lose your temper easily.

You don’t have a good relationship with your father.

You struggle to open up to people.

Your middle name begins with M.

You have curly hair.

Your eyes are blue.

You have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Your nails are usually painted.

You love pasta.

You over think everything.

You enjoy singing.


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