Songs That I Wrote

Chapter 1

All Of My Days

by: GeekRemix
I remember when your love
Could cure this loneliness
But now I'm all alone
In a reality of darkness

I lost the war again
And now i ain't your friend
Went to sleep in tears when I saw you
And all I got was a blank stare

When I said I didn't love you
When I said I didn't need you
I didn't mean it
I hope you know

For all of my days
I'll be lovin you
You know its true, you know its true babe

Cause I don't want to spend another night
In a bed made for two
How could I go on without ya?
Oh, you left me without a clue

I still want you, I'm sure you know
I want you , wherever I go
And maybe you found someone better than me
But don't forget your all I need

I'll always fall to you
All of my days dedicated to you

(Music interlude)

Mmm babe
Ill love you babe
For all of my days


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