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So, yeah. My last group story, "The shots rang out" kinda flopped, and not many authors are even still here to continue it. That's okay though, not everything is a success, so it's probably time to start a new, story, with new authors, and new characters, which is always very fun. I'm looking for dedication too, though, so let's get going!

Chapter 1

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by: Darsha
How about some much needed fantasy?

Ahh, yes Middle Earth, which is in just as much unrest as the world is today. On the brink of war, alliances crumbling, famine, and pain in one land, while another prospers. The medieval, renaissance, fairytale times that are just so open, full of blank pages to write on. Because the best part is..... the rules of society are easier to bend in this world.

So, yes, think Lord of the Ring, Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of Zelda, the Hobbit, type thing, but you don't have to be familiar with any of these to write. We all seem to have the realm of fantasy within us.

THE PLOT.........................

The threat of war hangs over the heads of the people of Naavin. They, weakened by an epidemic of Proxus Plague, are target for the ever power hungry kingdom of Marxles, an empire spanning across the land, led and ruled by the power hungry imps and their enforcers- the orc army. A small minority group of people, the habite dans le Jardin, or garden dwellers, are rooting to regain independence from the Marxles empire. If the habite dans le Jardin people can regain their freedom, it will spark hope for the other peoples within the Marxles empire. The Naavin were once the Marlxes greatest enemy, and although weakened, the Habite dans le Jardin know that if they can secure the refuge of Naavin, the war will be half won. Then the other races, spread out across the land, can unite against the or live in peace, without constant fear of their cultures and homes being unified into the Marxles.

Basically, your character can be anything or live anywhere. But let's support diversity here, obviously we can't have four elves, or nine dwarves..... oh yes, be creative with cultures, and what not. I'd like the elven and dwarfish cultures to kinda be like the ones from Lord of the Rings though. And if I see more than one orphan..........

List of acceptable species- Humans, Half human, Half Elf, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Wizards, hobbits, dryads, white witches, centaurs, mermaids, imps, or the people of Habite dans le Jardin, who seem to possess a few magical properties differing to humans. Seriously, if you have any ideas just let me know! I'm up for anything!

Character Qualifications!

Magical Abilities(if any)
Love Interest-

My Character

Name- Alstromeria
Species- human
Appearance- She has dark brown hair, that is straight and falls around her shoulders. Her eyes are a shady green with gold flecks. Her face is scarred from childhood acne, and her nose is a bit larger than most, but not the dominant feature. Her face is round but not chubby. She is about five feet seven inches tall, with muscular arms, and thicker legs. She wears dark green leggings that from a distance seem to e completelly made of vines. Her tunic is a pale green, with highlighted pink threads on the hems of the collar, the bottoms, and the cuffs. Her tunic is covered on top by a knit shawl, yet another shade of green with more of the bright pink hemming work, and fringes on the botton. She wears knee high leather boots in a soft brown color. They are worn but sturdy. She generally wears her hair down, with pink flowers woven into it. She has a deep green cloak that she also wears ocasionally but it does not have the bright pink hemming work. She has a copper neklace in the shape of an elegant flower, but she keeps it hidden under her shawl.

Personality- She is highly intellignet, but not a genious. Her main quality is her leadership. She is very responsible, and respectful of her superiors, but under this is a firey spirit, longing to set her people free of their capitvity. That seems to be her main goal in life, and also her fatal flaw because once they are free- what has she to fight for? She is very motherly, and caring,good with young children, and her playful spirit radiates kindness. Her fear is that of the future. Not knowing what happens next. She is generally peacable with people, and easily trusts them (another fatal flaw) but once you lose that trust, you've lost it forever. . She also lets attatchments form between her and too many others, as she tries and fails to sae everyone, wounding her each time she lets someone down. She is not overly brae or corageous,but will step up and be a leader if she ahs too.

Background- She has lived in Marxles all her life. Her father, a poor man, and her mother are both full blooded habite dans le jardin. Her grandmother, who she's very close too, remembers a time when the people were not confined to practice the Marxes ways, and Alstromeria joined, at age sixteen, an undercover group to start planning the rebellion. She works as both an informer, since she as a school teacher in Marxles, picks up gossip along the way of life, and as a part of something alike to an "Underground railroad" using her home to provide refuge for the other radicals. She has been sowly moving up the ranks, her young age being a barrier, and will soon be commander of a haven/fort for the habite dans le jardin if all goes well. She has a younger sister, naught but a few years younger, who tries too hard to be like Alstromeria, and is very much a shrew and a smart alec, who lost many friends, but also a hurt girl who feels she can never be enough for the world. Alstromeria does her best to help her sister, but since she's never really had that problem, she doesn't quite know how.

Magical properties-- She like most of the other habite dans le jardin, has an unusual connection to plants and flowers, and her necklace is said to protect her from the lies of the ememy, and it glows whenever imps are near.

Allegiences- the habite dans le jardin

Love interest- has had a few crushes but is not actively looking for a special someone, too concentrated on leading her people to freedom

Weapons- she weilds a wooden staff with a dark green yarn handgrip


So yeah, be creative with this! I'm going to be a little pickier than I have been in the past, so put your time into making a well thought out character.

By the way, sorry for so many spelling mistakes. I write the sign ups right on Quibblo and there is no spell check, so I tend to miss a lot of things while proof reading.


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