100 Great Questions (Maybe)

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Chapter 1

Question 50 and 97...what the hell?

1. Snails or Slugs? Snails
2. Kind of cake? NONE! I DISLIKE CAKE!
3. Play an instrument? No but i used to play viola
4. Did you know that 4 is one of the "Numbers" in Lost? No, i don't really know what this question is on about
5. Nike or Converse? Nike!
6. Colored pencils, Crayons, or Markers? Colored Pencils.
7. Your opinion on ballet? Er...I dunno really. Pink...Ribbons..i guess
8. Least favorite school subject? I dunno, they're all bad if you're asking me
9. Ever had a cookie cake? no What is it? Yes, I don't know
10. Lightning: scary or awesome? If I am inside: Awesome. Outside: Scary
11. Dandelions: annoying or pretty? Pretty!
12. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi but i like coke too
13. Girls: Straightened hair or curled hair? Guys: Long or short hair? Er...I don't really care how my hair looks
14. Did you believe in Santa when you were a kid? Maybe, i dunno, can't really remember if i ever did
15. Your opinion on rain? When i'm inside and out of the rain, then its fine and i don't really care. otherwise its just really annoying
16. Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Taylor Swift ifi have to choose
17. One Direction or Maroon 5? None to be honest but One direction is alright
18. Swivel chairs: fun to spin in, annoying, or makes you nauseous? Fun although it does get boring if you do it continuously
19. Barbie dolls: freaks of nature, used to play with, or still play with? Hate Barbie dolls
20. Hypnotizing: creepy or cool? Don't believe this can happen so i don't care for it
21. Your opinion on Nyan Cat? Oh, all i can think of is Simon from the Yogscast now
22. Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake? Neither.
23. Classical music: dumb or cool? I like it, but I like other music too.
24. iPod, iPad, or iPhone (or i-Other?) I have an iPod.
25. Farthest you've been from home? Hong Kong
26. Ever sat for a long time and looked up words in the dictionary? Yes, reading its boring but it's got interesting words
27. Star Trek or Star Wars? Neither.
28. Black, Green, or Greek olives? What?
29.McDonald's, Subway, KFC, or Burger King? KFC
30. Have you ever done the Cinnamon Challenge? What's that? Sorry, if you're just reading this and thinking that i'm extremely unknowledgeable.
31. Science or Social Studies? Both are boring but essential to life (In studies)
32. English or Math? Math, Way better than boring english
33. Your opinion on Justin Bieber? No Opinion
34. Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry ice cream? Vanilla, I hate Strawberry
35. In favor of mix-gender classes or one-gender classes?I think in some cases it's a good idea. I don't really mind
36. Popcorn or Chips? Chips
37. Darkness, Semidarkness, or Light? Depends on what I am doing!
38. Favorite character from the Hunger Games? I dunno, i'm not into the Hunger games and i hardly know any characters
39. Do you sing in front of people ever? no.
40. School lunch-- yucky, okay, or delicious? Sometimes the food is okay
41. Butterflies or Ladybugs? Butterfly.
42. Solitary or Gregarious in nature? Dunno
43. Cats or dogs? I like both
44. Mandarin oranges- yucky or delicious? Delicious!
45. Favorite word starting with the letter "Z"? Um...what? I dunno...Zebra! thats the only one i can think of right now
46. One BFF or many good friends? I don't care as long as they're Awesome (Not in the popular sense)
47. Your opinion on bungee jumping? Dunno but it looks good
48. Fancy hotel or camping? Fancy hotel, I do like to be pampered now and again. However I do want to go camping from time to time
49. Do you like mints? Yes
50. Like the number 50? Is this question here because it question 50 right now?
51. Sing in the shower, elsewhere, or never? Shower and elsewhere
52.Twinkes, or Ding Dongs? What?
53. Your opinion on chick flicks? None
54. The Beatles or ABBA? Dunno both are okay
55. Books or Movies? Books, but sometimes the movie is better
56. Ever read Of Mice and Men? Nope. but i think i will because of GCSE's
57. Calculators: a waste of time, okay, or my lifeline? Waste of time?!They are great, especially when you don't feel like doing maths
58. Ideal temperature? (eg: mid 70's with breezes) What?
59. Dream travel destination? Japan.
60. Neon lights: mesmerizing or headache-makers? Both, if you gaze too longthey give you headaches but they're kinda cool
61. Milk or Dark chocolate? Milk is better but i like dark choco too
62. Your opinion on chamomile tea? Never tried
63. Can you braid or French braid? Yes, I can.
64. Cookies dunked in milk, tea, coffee, cocoa, or dry? Dry. I like my food separate. Weird, I know but hey, that's me.
65. Mac or Windows? Windows
67. Smartphone of choice? I dunno
68. Mochas, Lattes, or Cappucinos? I like all
69. Fan of Narnia and/or LOTR? Narnia.
70. Lowest final grade in a class? I dunno.
71. Electric toothbrush or normal? Electric cuz i'm lazy
72. Ever seen your reflection in a mirror and freaked because you thought it was another person? No.
73. Ever donated to a charity? Yeah
74. Speak more than one language? Yeah! I'm fuent in Cantonese Chinese. I can also kinda speak German and Janpanese, which i am learning
75. Apples to Apples or Monopoly? Never plyed any
76. Cheese popcorn or Buttered popcorn? Buttered Popcorn
77. Soft or crunchy cookies? Soft.
78. Like scented candles? No, I prefer just air thanks
79. Blackberries or Raspberries? Raspberries
80. Aeropostale, Hollister, or Abercrombie? The only one i've heard of is Hollister
81. Still do Easter egg hunts? No, never have done
82. Ever lied to someone to get them to like you? No way! You either take me or leave me.
83. Favorite kind of car? Please never ask me about cars cuz i absolutely suck
84. Favorite kind of cheese? None
85. Lemons, Oranges, or Grapefruit? Oranges
86. Apple or Peach Pie? Niether
87. Ever felt sick because you ate WAY too much candy? Yes
88. White, Red, or Pink Roses? I don't mind
89. Teacups or Mugs? Eh...I don't care.
90. Ever stayed up for 24 hours straight? No
91. Babysitting, Lawnmowing, or Petsitting for summer job? None
92. Most expensive item of clothing you're wearing right now? I'm in my Pjs. I have no idea how much the cost
93. Water, ice, or steam? What do you mean?
94. Lakes, Rivers, Ocean, or Swimming Pool? Ocean, It's cool
95. Favorite Thanksgiving food? unno
96. Favorite meat? Pork
97. Any favorite numbers? Not really but 7&8 are cool
98. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42? What kind of question is this?
99. Pansies or Crocuses? I dunno
100. Most fun you've ever had? Oh I don't know.


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