Blu, The Clueless Blob of Goo

Chapter 1

Just me.

"Okay class. Now, I want you all to turn up your periscopes at an extremely high level. The highest you can go." Said my science teacher, Mr. Duncan. I was doing an astronomy workshop at school, and at the time, we were stargazing.

I turned up my periscope, and I saw Venus. In the distance, of course. Venus had always been my favourite planet. I was always interested in the planets of our solar system, the milky-way galaxy, black holes, spaghettification , zero gravity, possible life on different planets, and so forth. When I was old enough to get a job, I knew I wanted to be a scientist. Or an astronaut. Anything that had to do with space was good for me. I was a strong believer in aliens and such. Most people thought that I was insane when... It happened. At the time, I thought I was, too! That was the day I got a visit...from someone...or rather something...well, anyways, I'll get into that during the next chapter.

My name is Isabella Rodriguez. I was adopted by 2 of the most loving people on earth; my mum and dad, who adopted me when I was 2 months old. I was raised in Montreal, Canada. My parents were both immigrants from Argentina. My dad was a famous doctor, whereas my mum was a very spontaneous artist. I never really understood how they clicked, but they did, so I wasn't going to be the one complaining. I speak 9 different languages; English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and French.

I was a quick learner, by the way.

My eye was inside my periscope as I thought, and I snapped out of my trance when all of my other classmates started gasping. I peeked at everyone else, and they all had their eyes pressed against their periscopes. I wanted to see what was going on, so I steadied out my vision and looked into my periscope. Within the glass of the tool, I saw a shooting star shooting straight down towards us.

"EVERYBODY! EVACUATE NOW!" Mr Duncan yelled as he swung open the door for us to leave.

The students were being flushed out of the room, and they were all in the school's lobby within seconds. I didn't understand what the danger was, until I heard a huge CRASH coming from the schoolyard. I ran outside, only to find that a gigantic flying saucer had crashed into our recess zone. I ran up to it.

"ISABELLA!" Somebody yelled from the crowd. She pushed herself up front, and finally I decided to turn around and pay some attention to her.

"What is it, Penelope?" I asked smugly. Penelope was a girl in my class who nobody liked for some reason. I guess you could say I was friends with her.

Penelope had messy layered brown hair, and fierce, emerald-green eyes that always stood out from the white and grey uniform we all had to wear. She was petite, and very slim. She was actually really pretty, but nobody seemed to like her.

"Izzy, you're, like, my best friend EVER! And, like, if something, like, I dunno...killed you or something I'd be, like, just, like, DEVASTATED, y'know?"

"Penelope...I just want to check this out. I mean, this is a freaking flying saucer! I am NOT passing out the opportunity to open it."

"Ugh...Fine. But, if an alien jumps out of there and, like...kills you, don't say I didn't tell you."

I ignored her. I slowly walked over to the saucer. It was HUGE. It had flashing yellow lights on its sides, and a large dome of glass at the top. The glass was foggy, so I couldn't really see what was inside. The whole thing itself was made of steel. It also had a little dent in it, which only I knew was a door. There was a blue button next to the large dent, so my curiosity fled. I pressed it.

BOOM There was a huge explosion in the ship, and it caused the glass dome on the top of the saucer to shatter. The little shards of glass fluttered EVERYWHERE, and at one point, one tiny little shard ended up in my eye. I was SOBBING. I was sent to the nurse's office, and the school's nurse, Mrs. Lippy, gave me an eyepatch and called my parents. From what I know, I don't think any of the other students will be stating at school much longer.

My dad brought me home in his tiny Volvo, and tucked me into my bed.

"Dad, don't you think that you're... Overdoing things?" I asked.

"My girl, you got a piece of glass in your eye! I'm going to put you to bed so you can relax. Okay? Now, Papì is gonna get you a glass of water, yeah?" He said with his thick Argentinian accent.


My dad left the room. I just sat in my bed and waited. I also read a couple pages of the Golden Compass. It's a really great book.

My father sped into the room within a matter of seconds, holding a glass of water. He was beaming. I took the glass from his hands and took a sip. It tasted funny. It was sour and sweet at the same time, and it burned the back of my throat. But I still kept drinking. Soon, the glass was empty. Before I could ask my dad for more, my mum ran into the room covered in paint.

"ISABELLA! DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!" She yelled as she waved the paint brush in her hands.

"What? Why?" I asked in terror.

"The government just contacted the city's people not to drink the water because it seems to contain a virus or bacteria. Just stay away from the tap water, yeah?"

"But mummy, dad already gave me a glass of water, and I drank it all!"

My mother froze.

"Let's just hope you have a strong stomach..." And she walked out of the room.

I didn't want to focus on all of this, so I fell asleep.

At 12:00 AM that night, I woke up from a throbbing pain in my lower abdomen. I felt nauseous, and I was sweating from all the pressure and pain in my belly. I ran to the bathroom. My heart was pounding and I could barely see anything partly because I forgot to turn on the lights, and partly because the amount of pain I was in was so great, that it caused my vision to blur. I entered the bathroom, and bent over the loo. I felt my nausea get the better of me... And I threw up.

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