Wrecked Balance

Wrecked Balance

It all started with two worlds: One for goodness and one for evil. Overtime, Earth become less pure and more aggresive but Nightmare Lane stayed the heart of pain. But when a new world theatens to wreck the balance of the worlds, one girl will do anything it takes to save the one she loves the most.

Chapter 1


I shuddered with that thought going through my head. I knew tampering with the two worlds was forbidden but… I wasn’t from either of the worlds, yet I lived in both. I was a short girl that looked like a young boy. My younger brother is the only thing I have to keep me company, but he is too young to understand the things I do. If I make one more mistake, I might loose him forever…

Let me explain what I mean. You see, Earth isn’t the only place where life is. There’s a place, not so far from Earth, called Nightmare Lane. It’s were all the sorrow originates, so if you think you got it bad imagine their lives. It has several places, a floating world above Earth. One town in Nightmare Lane is literally called Nightmare Lane. The saddest town of all, the home of a kid who’s Christmas list is made up of one word, freedom.

Freedom… isn’t that what we all want? This small town once shown beauty, but that all changed during one certain lesson. A fire so tremendous flew through the beautiful forest, killing the pink leaves that looked like rose petals and the red apple-like fruit that had a black line shooting across it. It would’ve taken a miracle to save the forest, but in a land of magic they could yet not bring that miracle.

Yes, I am aware that on Earth too, many terrible things have happened. The great depression, World War, World War Two, the collapse of the twin towers. But even through this pain there is some one who shares it with you, Nightmare Lane’s citizens. Though I do not live on any of those places I still see what’s happening.

I have a stolen soul, all I see is pitch black, no sound no sight. Well, almost no sight. I have my small brother and those two bloodthirsty eyes watching me. And in good times for it, it lets me see the difference between one day and another by showing me what’s happening between the two worlds, Nightmare Lane and Earth. But for the past few days it hasn’t shown up and I’m shown a very precise group of kids… Giana, Kayla, Josie, Glinda, Jason, Luis, Alfred, Luke and Ryan are the names I memorized. There is a way I could enter their world and escape this dark and freaky nightmare but interfering between the two worlds is known to be dangerous. I knew I could bring my brother to the light and let him see the blessing of life but is it worth putting his life, and mine, in danger? If only I knew what to do.

Consciously, I took a deep breath ready to put my decision in action. With every action there comes a consequence and I was willing to face any pain to give my brother the happiness and freedom he so richly deserves. I squeezed my little brother’s hand and looked at the portal that led to Earth, the portal that would lead me to the pizza pallor the kids were hanging out at. It seemed if Jason and Josie could cross with Kayla to Earth safely I should be able to. Holding my brother close to me I stepped into my first glimpse of the light, the beginning of a new life, a new beginning.

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