Romeo and Juliet on Kraydor Street

Chapter 3

Chemistry Class

The next day....
"Miss will be working with....hmmmmm......Mr. Montague..."
Her friends watched as Serena took her seat beside Firion. Nathaniel and his cronies were making kissing noises, taunting him.
Firion stood with his fists clenched. "Hey...calm down okay....just ignore them..."
Firion was ready to flip out on them. It was a challenge to his honor, and he wasn't about to take that lying down-but he sat down, not wishing to be like Nathaniel.
"My name is Serena," she said with a giggle.
"I'm Firion," he replied as he helped her with their lab assignment,his intense sapphire eyes gazing into hers. Her heart started fluttering like crazy-a way that it never had with Paris.Those smoldering sapphire eyes seemed to burn into her soul and ignite an indescribable flame...
Firion gazed into those sultry emerald eyes, and his heart was pierced as if with a thorn.As each day rolled by, he fell more and more in love with her gentleness and kindness. His cousin John was his constant friend. "Whassup," he said as he watched Firion train.
"Nothing much," Firion said as he continued, tripling his effort.
"Whoa...Let's not kill the fencing dummy," John laughed as white feathers went flying everywhere. Firion had his special sword, Excalibur,in his hand when he saw that Paris was about to hit Serena. he quickly stood in front of her and brandished his sword. It was made of pure silver and had a black hilt. When the sun hit it, it seemed like it was lit aflame-the flame of purity,nobility, justice and honor....Firion threatened," If you want to hurt her, you'll have to kill me first-that is, if you can...."
"Back off Montague! This isn't your business!"
"Oh it is....Serena is my best friend, and I'll die before I let those I care about get hurt," Firion snarled," Don't make me have to spill some blood..."
Serena was seeing just how protective and fierce Firion could be...and at that moment, she fell in love with him.
Firion was sweet, noble, brave,and strong. Serena had never fallen this hard for anybody before-not even Paris.....
Each night, Firion seemed to haunt her most intimate dreams.
Firion's heart thudded wildly every time she came near him....
And so, it begins......
The beginning of the feud's end......

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