Romeo and Juliet on Kraydor Street

Chapter 2

The Capulet-Montague Brawl

It was a sunny day. The Montague family and the Capulet family lived across from each other and both were having family reunions today.It wasn't long before most of the males in each family-all except young Firion-were getting into a huge street fight.
Firion just shook his head and sipped a can of root beer. He was extremely annoyed with the senseless fighting. Meanwhile...
"Ugh! Unbelievable!" Serena groaned.
Both Serena and Firion were irritated with the constant brawling.
Eventually the cops were called to break it up.
At that moment, that's when Firion first saw her...
His eyes closed as he envisioned holding her slender ivory body close to his and stroking her midnight hair...
Serena saw him and smiled. She'd seen studious and intelligent young Firion in her chemistry class. His eyes were always on a book or studying for exams, and she'd always liked how diligent he was. She'd never seen a more attractive young man in her life...
Firion bowed his head in shyness. Unlike most guys in Lincoln, he was extremely virtuous. Most guys in Lincoln only go for girls when they want a certain something that here cannot be described without coming off very dirty-but Firion had never been truly loved by a girl, and love was his true desire. You see, because of his physical appearance, his attractiveness was the only reason girls wanted him,but once they realized how intelligent he was, they broke poor Firion's heart. They knew not the true strength of Firion's heart...Underneath that quiet and soft shell was a truly noble and fierce young warrior. He practiced fencing every day after school. Even though most guys want to be macho and hold a pistol, Firion preferred the nobility and majesty of the sword. While his cousin Mercutio went to the shooting range, Firion would go to fencing team practice in the did Serena's spiteful cousin Nathaniel-the Tybalt of our story. Every day Firion trained in hopes that someday when the time came, he would be able to use it to protect the woman he loves. Everyone knew that Firion was longing for love, as well as Serena was looking for someone who would treat her right-unlike her current boyfriend Paris, who only cared about himself and his looks.

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