Romeo and Juliet on Kraydor Street

Chapter 12

The Scottish Adventure

Serena and Firion never forgot the moment their cruise was boarded by pirates.
She grabbed as sword and charged-unlike most damsels, Serena was not easily frightened. "Take that you scurvy dog!" Serena yelled
Firion was highly impressed with his fiery bride.He'd never seen her get that fierce-to him Serena's inner ferocity was extremely sexy. The two lovers fought back to back, working as a team.
"If you're that good at fighting," Firion suggestively said as he killed a pirate that got too close to Serena,"I bet you're even better in the bedroom..."
"Firion darling," Serena said as she stabbed another pirate and deliberately kicked over a trashcan, which knocked a pirate clean off the boat,"Now's not exactly a good time to discuss passion-I'm a little busy taking out this trash!"
While the other passengers were screaming and running, the two warrior-lovers were slaying the pirates one by one, driving the attacking hordes back to Davy Jones's locker where they belonged it was quiet an adventure already, and they didn't even arrive at Scotland yet.....
It seemed that Scotland was having a serious problem with pirates.
"I'm not a wench!" Serena screamed as she stabbed one as they arrived at the inn," My name is Serena Marie Montague-and I AM MARRIED!"
"GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE!" Firion yelled as he attacked. Again it seemed that there would be no peace for the newlyweds....
But soon there was....
"So my darling," Firion said as he carried her across the thresh hold,"shall we to our bridal bed then?"
Serena giggled and blushed like the giddily blushing bride she was...

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