The Unfathomable Four.

Chapter 5


"The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish your feelings - words shrink things that seem timeless when they are in your head to no more than living size when they are brought out."
- Stephen King

While the four mourned the fifth, life continued to run beyond the walls of their world, as if wound at a key by some invisible hand. Soon enough, life would continue for them too and the realisations made would eventually be forgotten within the confusing whirlwind of time. It was inevitable. Try as they might, the secrets and mysteries uncovered due to the event that had occurred would once again become unclear. New experiences and passing moments would blur the emotions and clarity felt more and more with each fleeting day.

And as much as we all try, everyone of us, to escape the day to day mental, mundane madness of clichéd emotions and overdone situations, they will always be there. From issues with love to repeat cases of teenage angst, they will never go away. Never will there come a day when we can look around us without catching glimpse of yet another bout of teen suicide or cases of misplaced morality. Nor will there come a day when each of us can say with confidence that we fully understand what lies beyond these topics, what the words really mean.

So the real question is why? Why after decades of knowledge about these topics do generations still remain so ignorant? Whether it be from too little exposure or too much. What is it in each of us that creates a rift separating reality from these "taboos"? Why do we see these things as surreal; detached from everyday life? Things that will never happen to us. Things that we only read about in books or hear of briefly in passing sweeps of media hype. Things seemingly trivial, frivolous.

Through the years, when the world has transitioned from being sheltered and uniformed to over exposed and numb, we has humans have been unable to find the balance. Why is that? What is missing from our lives, from our genetic makeup, from our upbringing? What part of our human puzzle became lost under the couch of reality. What happened to make these things so untouchable, so unwelcome? What to you think? How do you feel? Maybe one day you'll understand, maybe we'll all understand. Perhaps some modern day philosopher will enlighten us with words of wisdom. Perhaps... Someday...

But for now they remain unstoppable, unbearable...


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