Depression II

I am writing this because most people havent even looked at my first one-_-

Chapter 1

There is hope

Only read this if you are serious about defeating depression. This will tell you exacly what to do and I'm tired of people reading exacly what to do and refusing to use it. Now lets begin.

Depression hurts. We have all had a slight taste of it. I only had it for a day when My Dad was rushed to the hospital.(you had to be there) That only lasted a day and not once did I think of suicide, anyway, we have all had a taste of depression. Most of you have gone to cutting and drugs. How does that help? Ill tell you exacly why. What is Depression? A spirit. A spirit from Hell itself. A spirit that has put chains on your heart. One that has made you hate yourself, one that said that there was no reason for life. One that made you think you had the desicion to take your own life when its not yours to take! Why do so many people walk around with out a purpose? I mean you people are sad! I dont think I can ,right off the top of my head, think of one friend that isnt depressed on here. I realize it is hard to overcome in the natural. But we dont live in the natural. See, doctors see a mental disorder when in reality it is a spirit. When will you learn the unnatural is natural. We live in a world with so many evil things. The superpowers of Hell. We all see them, they show themselves, and it has formed in you as depression. When I say unnatural, I mean that in an Exciting way. Depression is not to be taken lightly, so I suggest if you want to get rid of it, you listen closley.

Alright, lets start with the origin of Depression.
God created man. He gave man a gift. This gift is known today as Earth. When man ate of the fruit, he gave earth to Satan. Therefore Satan is the god of this world. Through that sin and death entered the world and now here you are with depression.

Now the answer.
God told Satan he would send a man to take back authority, so all throughout history satan had tried to find and kill that man. Finally, one dat Jesus was born. As Jesus became an adult he was baptized. And God himself said aloud: this is my son whom i am well please. Or in other words" Satan, here's is the man you been looking for so watch out!" So Satan killed him. On the cross. Man, he thought he won, he thought God was so stupid. And then... Something happened... Jesus. What was he doing? BAM! He fought a 3 day battle in Hell amd won the victory and he rose from the Freakin Dead!!!!! Do you hear that death? HE FLIPPIN BEAT THE CRAP OUTA YOU!!!!!!!!! THE GRAVE COULDNT HOLD HIM! DEPRESSION COULDNT HOLD HIM! SICKNESS COULDNT PLAEGUE HIM! HE WAS ALIVE! Thank you Jesus. He gave us a way out. He came to earth as a man. That mean every miracle he did we can do. He even said so. He came as man, not god.

Now, how do you apply this to depression?
Simple. The bible says with a heart a man believes and so is justified. So believe! Next, confess! You speak to that motherfudgin depression and you tell it to leave in Jesus name! IT HAD NO AUTHORITY TO HOLD YOU! YOU ARE REDEMEED! YOU REBUKE DEPRESSION!(ex. Depression, I rebuke you in Jesus name! I command the love of God to flow through my very vein, In the name of Jesus!) Next, keep your confession good. Dont say your redemmed one day and say your depressed the next. You just cancelled out your victory! NEVER EVER FORGET! YOU WILL NEVER LOSE A BATTLE IF YOU USE THE NAME OF JESUS! EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AT THAT NAME. Suicide is not the answer, Jesus is. If you read this put this to action in your life. See how much you change. Most of you wont. You probably read to see what the crazy christian had to say. But let me tell you, when no one else loves you, your mom your dad, your best friend, noone! Remember, Gods love is never failing. Try listning to the song one thing remains by jesus culture. Thats something we all need to hear. Thank you for choosing the victorious path and reading this. If you know the scriptures im talking about please comment below. Im not good with scriptures:P
Have a blessed day! Christiankid out!

-dedicated to Decii and anyone else who is experiencing hard times.


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