To fall in love with an Enemy... (A Draco Malfoy love story)

character setlist.

Name- courtney Hardstone
Age-16 (1 year behind Draco)
Height-5 ft
Hair- medium mocha brown
Eyes-deep midnight blue
skin medium cream
house & year- Ravenclaw and 5th year
Friends- Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Fred, George, Luna, Cho, Neville, Seamus, and kinda sorta Draco, Annastasia, Erica, Lexus, Joshua.
Enimies- Blaise, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Millicent.

Chapter 1

What is this year going to be like?

by: lina23
"Mom, where do you think Hermione and her Parents are cause they told us to meet thm woah!!!!" i say i feel myself being damn near squeezed to death by Hermione. "Oh my god court, can you believe that were finally on our fith year!?!?" Hermione squealed. "yeah i know right, huh Hermione its a real big shocker considering your so damn smart and i knew you'd pass the owls i just barely made it!" i say hugging her. just then my brother tapped me on the shoulder, " ahem jerk alert, jerk alert!!" my brother whispered in my ear. "Oh Jesus these weirdos cant leave me alone can they..." i say seeing Draco walk over with Blaise right behind him. "Hello Courtney fancy meeting you here." Draco said putting his arm over my shoulder, " hey jerk-face why dont you lay off me and go find someone else to torture, kay?" i say to him picking his arm up and dropping it down at his side. "Ha you don't need to be rude dollface im just trying to make simple talk with a good friend of mine can i not do that?" draco said rapping his arm around my waist. " no because 1. were not friends, 2. i dont like you and 3 your just trying to see how far you can push me before i blow up on you!!!!! So leave me a lone Malfoy!!! i say walking of down Diagon Alley with my mom, brother, and Hermione . whoa whoa whoa, hold up there we need to talk draco said putting his hand on my arm as if that was going to stop me. " about what!! the fact that your a player and you just wanna see how far you can push me???" i say turning around to face him it diddnt register that i was in a very bad positiion at the moment and he takes advantage of that he takes a step forward and i back up into a wall. " now were going to have our talk whether you like it or not..."Draco said pinning me against the wall. "Draco gett off of me !!!!" i say trying to push him away " no not till i ask you rhis question and if you dont say yes i will show everyone at school this picture" he said holding up a picture of me at a party in only a bra and panties. My face turns bright beet red " where did you get that???" i ask him getting a little scared " you dont need to know now heres the question the slytherins are throwing a party when we get back to school and i was wondering if you'd be my date??" draco asked me. "pfft me? go on a date with you?!? ha! no in this lifetime dude!!!" i say laughing " do you really want to see the consiquences of your actions or will you say yes?" he asked me i roll my eyes a sigh deeply " fine but only this one time!!" i say trying to push him off of me then he hands me a piece of parchment and walks off and on th piece of parchment is the slytherin party common room password. " oh man what have i gotten myself into and what is this year going to be like??" i ask my self

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