Marauder Era Group Story

a group story by me and Faith_WeaslyPotterMalfoy

Chapter 1

Charecters and first chapter

Name: Emma Brown
NIckname: Em Emmy
Age: 11 at the start
Personality: Shy, Fun, Bookworm, Funny
House: Not sorted yet
Blood: Muggle
Family: Genny Brown(mum), Garry Brown(dad)
Friends: Lily Evans, Severous Snape
Enemies: Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Black, bascily Slytherins exept Severous
Special(Optional): None
Love Interest: Sirius Black
Hi. My name is Emma. I have ginger hair and blue eyes. I love to read and play, I also love art and gymnastics. I don't know much about hogwarts , because im muggleborn. My best friend Lily is also going. Thats all, I guess. See you soon

Era: Mauranders
Name: Annabelinda Hope Coast
Nickname: Anna, Hope
Age: 11
Looks: Long and Silky Golden Blond Hair. Deep Blue Eyes. Slender. Average Height. Flawless Light Skin.
Personality: Kind, Intelligent, Curious, Brave, Creative, Stubborn
House: Not Sorted Yet
Blood: Muggle Born
Family: Destiny Coast (Mum), Alexander Coast (Dad), Christopher Coast (Brother, 3rd Year Ravenclaw)
Friends: The Mauranders
Enemies: Bellatrix
Special(Optional): Animagus, Rabbit
Love Interest: Remus Lupin
Bio: Hi, my name is Annabelinda, but you can call me Anna. I am 11 years old with naturally curly blond hair and deep blue eyes. I love to draw and read books, especially about mythical creatures. That's about it so... bye! :)

My mum and dad dropped off me and Lily at kings cross, before going to there jobs. Dad works as a police officer, and mum works as a doctor at the hospital.
"Um, Emma, how do we get to platform 9 and 3/4" Lils asked as we walked.
"Not sure, but we should meet Sev hear soon" I said, looking for Severous. He came about 5 minutes later.
"Sev" I said, giving him a hug
"Hey Em, Hey Lily" he said
"How do we get to the platform?" I asked him, he smiled. "Run at that wall" he told us, I looked at him.
"Your joking right!" I asked, he shook his head.
"No, I'll go first if you want" and he ran at the wall, and dissaperaed.
"I'll go next" I told Lily. I ran at the wall wit my eyes closed, waiting for the impact to come, but it never. I opened my eyes, to see a huge, red, steam train. "Wow" I exclaimed. I stood there for to long, because a few seconds later, Lily came threw and bumpped into me. "Wow" she excalimed, as we moved out of the way
"That's what I said" I laughed. Lily, Sev and I stood on the platform talking untill we herd the conductor scream "ALL ABORED". We ran and put our luggage under the train, themn jumped on the train. The train moved and we started to look fi a compartment. After a while, we couldn't find an empty one, and I couldn't be bothered walking to the back of the train, so we stopped at a random compartment, and went in. There was a girl and 4 boys.
"Hi, I'm Emma, and thease are my friends, Lily and Severous, there are no more empty compartments, can we sit hear?" I asked.
"Yeh" the girl smiled "I'm Annabelinda, but you can call me Anna" she told us "And the boys are James Potter" she pointed to a boy with black messy hair and brown eyes. Sirius Black" she pointed to a boy with even messier black hair, and misty gray eyes. "Remus Lupin" she pointed to a boy with sandy blonde hair, head in a book, but I could see some scars on his hands. "And Peter Pettigrew" she pointed to the last boy. he had blondish hair, and was slightly rat like.

We sat down. I stayed quiet, just sitting there, that's until, James asked "What house does everyone want to be in" It seemed everyone knew what he ment exept me and Lily. "Slytherin" Sev said, and thats what stared it off. In the end, Lily stormed out dragging me with Sev at her heels. Went ended up going to the end of the train, just to find an empty comparment. Lily kept saying, how dare they. I just hope that she doesn't get into any trouble because of them.

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