Junior Demon Hunters

3 Teens are were created to destroy the demon population...
But will they succeed?
Or perish as their originals did?

Chapter 1

It All Starts With A Beginning

~ Prologue ~
Demons spilled from the opened gates of hell and even Satan himself could not stop them, he killed Haziels father for what he had done and used the captured souls of the demon hunters to create new hunters, these hunters grew quickly and did not age as other humans did, Satan had gifted them with a sort-of immortality, humans could not kill them and age had little effect on them, he also trained them in the arts of demon hunting, but with a new generation, new techniques were used, bait, traps and modern firearms where now the preferred method of killing demons apparently, the teens have been trained and the demons are looking to perish any and all, but what no-one but Satan knows, is that the clock is ticking, before God gives up on humanity, destroying earth and anything on it, including the demons and Satan himself, now to save the balance of everything, these teens must embark on an adventure and gather their forces against the demons.
~ End Prologue ~


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