Black - an old Quibblo competition story.

Black is a game by EA, it's my favourite game which I've completed so I'll be giving you guys a taster of what goes on in it.

EDIT: I decided to send this out again because believe it or not, I'm really proud of this and I think it's quite written well. For my standard, anyway. I hope you enjoy this, my new friends.

Chapter 1


"IT'S A ******* MINEFIELD" I yelled to the others.

Despise my sweat, my blood ran cold. Mine fields were never good. One step and you'll be blown to bits. I've witnessed so many deaths from minefields... my friends... my families... and even my work mates. All dead.

I snapped back in to reality as I focused on trying to find an RPG, one was meant to be here somewhere, right??

An RPG missile exploded, not far off from me.

"RPG!" someone shouts, as another one hit closer to me.

"I never would have guessed, a bit late on that weren't you?"

"Shut up, Kellar"

"Sorry", I grinned.

I ran along the bridge frame and spotted an enemy, I shot at him, full force. No mercy. I could hear my blood pounding in my ears, but I didn't know whether it was from me losing my blood or my will to kill him. He finally fell dead and I searched him. I found a blood covered health pack and some ammo. Perfect.

Changing to my RPG, I started aiming at the road. I fired anywhere, hoping to hit any of the mines which would make it easier for my soldiers to get past.

Cries of men were heard, as they came in contact with the explosions. I fired several other missiles and then turned my full attention to the shields. The shields started to move up the ramp towards me, I fired a missile at them, but missed. They kept shooting at me, with their magnums and I could feel myself getting weaker. With full determination, I fired at the floor right in front of them. The sheilds were blasted in to the water below.

I spotted another one below me, firing at my friends. I killed him in one blast.

"Hold your fire..... hold your fire..... area is secure" a female voice told me "Bridge clear, re-ordered on the other side"

I didn't want to go down with the mines still there, so I shot at every one I could see. I could hear my heart beat. I was low on health. My knee stung and I could barely stand up, but I was strong enough. I could do this. I was Sergeant Jack Kellar.

When I got to the bottom, I shouted "There's the entrance, up ahead". The others would be relieved to hear it.

The piece of bridge I was faced with looked like someone had torn it up and left it there. A enemy shouted something in Russian and I ired, I heard another man yell and some more bombs going off. Then it all went silent, expect for the creaking of the bridge in the wind. I could hear odd sounds, some of them sounded like a areoplane taken off and some sounded like they were landing. What evfer it was, feared gripped and started eating my insides. I could taste blood and I could see blood.

I let my eyes scan the area and took aim at two more mines. Damn mine fields. It was quiet, where were they all at? Too quiet. Suspiciously quiet. Then when I dropped over the edge I knew.

"They've been covering fire" my voice quavered.

Everything happened at once.

"Get in to your positions"

Armored men, unarmored men, machine gun shooters and RPG shooters came out of no where. They were behind cars, they were at the entrance and they were on the balcony.

I fired another missile and it killed two men. Killed two birds with one stone. And the fled for a cover from a school bus that had crashed and evacuated. The bridge was a mess, it looked like a storm had ripped through. But no, this was man made. We made this, but now we've got to end it. I gripped my RPG in my hand tightly and reloaded it.

"Arghh" one of the enimies stuttered, as he took a bullet to the head. I looked away, it wasn't me that shot him. But he would have killed me, if my mate hadn't of killed him first.
My heart pounded in my chest as I aimed for the machine gun shooter. Oh, how I hated those things. I only hated them when it wasn't in my own filthy hand. I signed and fired. Before my missile was launged, the RPG shooter spotted me and fired. I was almost dead. I knew it. I ignored that fact. I ignored my knee, and I ignored my shoulder.

My missile took down around 2 gunmen and the RPG shooter.

"Try and take down the door" my female soldier shouted at me.

I remembered I had the health pack and used it, I started to feel better instantly. This stuff really worked.

It took me 4 missiles to get the door down, as soon as I did, two shields emerged and started shooting. I shot them down with my RPG and make a run for the door. Health packs, ammo and guns were layed everywhere. Bloody corpses layed in piles. I'd created this. If I didn't know a monster, who did?

Despite my thoughts, I yelled "I'm going in!" and ventured in to the door, leaving the horrors of Graznei Bridge behind me.


(I was going to do only two more chapters but the last one will have to be divided in to two (so there will be 4 chapters) as it is going to be really long.)

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