Random Weird Stuff that Happens in my Life and Head.

so basically I just write about the weird, random, and funny things that happen in my life, and that happen inside of my head.

Chapter 2

I had a weird dream.....can someone tell me what it meant??????????? I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!

Ok.....warning this might get a bit weird.

So anyways my dream starts off with a farm when some random dude on the farm tells me to go to the barn and start working....so I do. But the weird this is that all the cows are laying eggs....and now all the chicken have utters and are giving milk.......weird....next thing I know something gets spilled on me and I am teleported to some weird wedding where Yumi Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh is the Preacher and the people getting married are my sister who is in a Tux and a turkey that is in a wedding dress! So I walk through this doorway and find myself in Hogwarts being yelled at by Snape for accidentally melting another cauldron... I keep running and I run into Draco who for some odd reason is making out with Ginny @_@ like seriously why her???? dude that was just weird.......eventually I make my way to Dumbledore's office only to find him in a hula skirt dancing the hula to techno music....weird....defiantly weird....... then Hagrid lands on my shoulder with a message from Harry telling me to meet me in the forbbidden forest, but the message wasn't from harry but from Voldemort and he tried to use the Avada Kedvara spell on me and for some weird reason it didn't work.....so I used it on him and he died. then all of the cast of Hogwarts came out and congratulated me and brought me inside and celebrated a feast in my honor....then Death The Kid showed up and asked me to be his girlfriend! YAY! I said yes then the dream ended.....

so uh yeah....what does the dream mean???? I am so confused! I'll write more random stuff later dudes.

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