Random Weird Stuff that Happens in my Life and Head.

so basically I just write about the weird, random, and funny things that happen in my life, and that happen inside of my head.

Chapter 14

My Name in other Languages. (and no I can't speak these languages..I only know how to write my name in them.

In English: Katlyn
Arabic: كاثلين
Klingon: 
Czech: Ludmila
Danish: Karen (which is unusual for me cause that's my mom's name!)
Indonesian: Jalang
Lithuanian: Aldona
Polish: SiÄ™ Katlyn
Portuguese: Cledson
Romanian: Silas
Russian: Катлин
Swedish: Pernillar
Urdu: کاتلن

In all other languages my name is the same.

So....what's your name in other languages????

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