Masked in Fantasy

Masked in Fantasy

Super advancement throughout technology, the new Wii game, 'The Wii Wars' came out just today, October 23th, 2014! Roger buys the CD, plays it, and leaves his house, while the Wii Wars is still on. A big mistake.

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Chapter 1

by: CaughtUp

"Hello, this is Robin in Today's News. Technially, it seems like there's a mob surrounding the Video Game Shops! Maybe this news can enlighten you for a moment! The Wii Wars, absolutely 3-D advancement games just came out today. But your in luck! In town, at Joe's Video Game Store, the Wii Wars CD is still awaiting. Go out and-"

Before Roger can hear the last words from the news, he roamed through his house, snatching every single penny out of his piggy bank. Still only 13 years old, Roger ran out the house in an immediate second. He has been waiting for the Wii Wars CD to come up for several months. Saving every single dollar, he waited...

"Today is finally the day!" Roger rode on his scooter, hurridly rushing through the town, searching for Joe's Video Game Store. Smiling, Roger didn't accept the stampede that was rushing behind him. Tons of teenagers, running, to go and get the video game CD.

"I can out beat them fast." Roger smirked as he speeded up. Arriving to Joe's Video Game Store less than 3 minutes, Roger stepped inside, grabbing the Video Game. "That'll be 65 dollars, R." Joe smiled. Joe was always friendly with Roger. Almost best friends, Joe still young. He had the killer look, shooting daggers with his eyes. If looks could kill, everyone in the Video Game store would be dead this instant.

Roger handed him 70 dollars, awaiting his fate. Joe handed Roger 5 dollars, as Roger waved and happily rode back to his house. Luckily, his parents didn't mind Roger playing video games. Unless Roger promised to study right after playing the games. He was a straight A student, which surprised everyone.

Roger looked at the mirror when he arrived. He had the fauxhawk haircut, the spikes almost pointing in every direction. He straightened it a bit with his fingers. Having his mom's blue eyes, Roger smiled as he walked into the living room. The Wii was placed right where it should be. Only having to put in the CD, Roger smiled.


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