Infamous- With a Twist

For the contest on video games,

Chapter 3


"Kill him," one of the guys said bluntly. I couldn't see who. Immediately I heard a bunch of clicks, which meant they were reloading. And they were going to kill me. I couldn't think straight.

All of a sudden, there was a weird buzzing sound. It wasn't a bee or anything, it was much...louder.

"Kill him," the guy continued. "What are you waiting f- HOLY JESUS!!" I heard a few more buzzes, but along with that were screams. What happened? The guys holding my hands let go, and I quickly jumped away, running straight for the windows. What I saw when I looked back scarred me for life: 5 scorched men, with blank expressions. But what really shocked me-literally-was what was running through their bodies.

Electricity. All around and inside their bodies. I wanted to investigate what happened, but there could've been more of them. I opened a window and jumped off.

Bad mistake.

Too deep in my emotions, I didn't realize from where I was going to jump from. Idiot. Turns out I was 8 stories high. No way I could survive this in one piece.

The pavement grew nearer and nearer as I fell, and I couldn't help thinking that there was no way out this time. So I just closed my eyes, awaiting the dreadful moment that was soon to come. Any second now.

Any second now...

(10 seconds later) Am I in heaven? I opened my eyes, certain to find a bunch of clouds around me. Instead, all I was seeing was the blue sky. I looked down, and there was the pavement-50 yards below me.

Also, my boots were on fire.

On the bottom of my boots, fire and electricity were coming out. No way- could it be? Am I...flying? How?

Then I realized: the terrorists (called reapers), the random electricity, the flying. This is my game, and Im actually inside of it. I am inside the world of INFAMOUS. And I'm Cole, the guy who controls electricity, the main character. I am infamous!

Bang! Bang! I heard more gunshots, coming from down below. Reapers were sitting on the rooftops of buildings, holding guns, aiming straight at my face. The bullets whizzed past my ear. Dangerously close.

I knew what I had to do: try out my powers. I willed myself to fly to the right, where there's a rooftop I can go to. I pushed to my right, and immediately I was flown to the right. I wasn't going very fast, but I was flying.

Bullets were still coming too close for comfort. One scraped my shoulder blade, and I screamed in agony. Finally, I reached the rooftop. It was 5 yards below me, and I quickly stopped flying, dropping to the rooftop. The bullets ricochited off the walls of the rooftop. I hid behind a wall, not wanting to take the risk and shoot them.

I lay there for 5 minutes, hoping for the day where they would stop shooting. Fortunately, someone decided to help me. Within minutes, the painfully loud gunshots stopped echoing through my head. I still stayed in my place. That's when I saw someone above my rooftop, in midair, falling to the spot right next to me. The person landed next to me, holding a ball of fire in her right hand. She analyzed me, her glowing blue eyes staring straight in my fearful eyes.

"Sup," said a familiar voice, "Guess you're coming with me."

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