Infamous- With a Twist

For the contest on video games,

Chapter 1

First play

There it was-the most valuable disk of this century. The coolest one. The highest ranking, best selling one. The one that all the kids who have any life have to play. And here it was, right on the countertop of my first floor. It was ALL MINE!!!

After staring at it for 15 minutes in awe, I decided to actually open it. I carefully slid the game into my sleek PS3. The device whirred, and the tv screen turned black.

I grabbed my shiny controller and waited for my game to load up. The longest minute of my life. And then, the screen flashed, and in bold, bloody letters was the word INFAMOUS!! I was so excited.

You see, my life is quite dull and boring. I get no adventures whatsoever. I feel like video games is the only part of my life that gives me adventure. Nothing in real life is fun and adventurous. So when I get video games, I always want to play it until I've had my adventure, because Im never going to get this much adventure in real life. So why not get my adventure from video games? Understand? Probably not, since Im the only one with this much of a boring life.

"Ash, it's 11 in the night. When are you gonna sleep?" My mom doesn't understand a SINGLE thing about video games. Firstly, you can't finish a game in 2 minutes. And I JUST opened it! Plus, it's a Friday night on summer break. Really? But I always give the same answer, without trying to argue with her.

"Yeah, I'm coming." The biggest lie that day.

The screen showed two options: Playand Options. I moved the arrows keys on my controller, and pressed on the word play.

Suddenly, the word started turning blue and electrified until it looked like blue lightning. That's cool, I thought. But the electricity then filled up the whole screen until I was looking at a screen of blue, blinding, electric light. The screen flashed, and lightning zapped in all directions from my TV, striking my couch and the table! What in the world?

And then, all of a sudden, one of them shot out, flying straight at me. I could do nothing, it was too fast. I felt a jolt of pain as it hit me square on my chest. I collapsed, and everything turned black.

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