Love is a Four Letter Word (A Neville Longbottom Love Story)

Neville was my crush, and I loved him more than anything in the world. he never found out, but I hope he will...

Chapter 1

Lumos Flies

I walk along the path carved into the grass to the greenhouses. Professor Sprout says she wants me to meet the person who will be tutoring me in my Herbology lessons, seeing as I'd been failing. I'd never let her know what really happened to let me have my grades slip as they have. My's too painful to even think about. I slip into the warm, heated air of the greenhouse even at seven o'clock at night. I am American, but have to act like I belong. I don't.
I see Professor Sprout come out of her office and say, "Oh good, you're here."
I take off the green cloak and lay it over the stool. My long sleeved, floor length gown is warm enough. I look at the velvet, dark green skirt laden with jewels to look at something other than my hyped-up teacher. I hear the door open and a familiar voice say, "I'm here, Professor."
Oh, no. Please tell me it isn't, "Thank you, Neville. I have Miss Dale here for you to tutor. Would that be okay?"
"O-Of course, Professor. How far back should we start?"
"End of Fifth year on, please, Neville. I would expect you two to come up with days you can tutor her, yes?"
"Of course, Professor."
I stay with my back to him as Professor Sprout leaves. Before she leaves, she then says in Latin, "Et sicut amare te habes."
I stare at the wall ahead of me and she exits the green house. Neville comes and puts a hand on my shoulder.
"When should we start."
I turn to face him and say, "You pick."
"Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoons."
"Sounds good," I say as I grab my cloak. I walk to the door and he stops me by saying, "What did Professor Sprout say?"
"Nothing. Don't worry about it."
I walk out to the Slytherin Common Rooms and get reasdy to fall into the abyss of my dreams.

A/N: The Latin Transcription: He will fall in love with you just like you have him.

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