I am Free

Chapter 1


Freedom. We all here tge pastor talk about it. We are free through Christ. Ya, I know that, but what is Freedom. When a Prisinor gets out of Jail he is now free. The United States is free. Given Gifts are free. What if I told you, that you arent free? If you were free, you wouldn't suffer Depression. You wouldn't have that knife in your hand. You wouldn't have those scars on your arm. You are in bondage! Your imprisoned mind is constantly telling you, your worth nothing. No one will care if you die. First of all thats a lie. Second of all thats not freedom. People say they are free all the time, but they dont know what it means. They go home and cut... Does that sound fun? I wouldn't think so. How could pain be so soothing? Because you are in bondage. Freedom is running and dancing in Jesus name! Freedom is have eternal joy! Freedom is knowing you are loved. Why do you all need mans love? You all say no one loves you and then 6-7 people comment saying we love you. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? We are a free people! We need to stop the pity parties, pick up our lives and continue to victory! Im not dissing that there are people hurting and alone and depressed, but I kinda wanted to mention that... Any way, many times you are keeping yourself from being free. See, we need to get to a point where enough is way too much and we refuse to put up with this bondage! We need to step up and say, I rebuke depression in Jesus name! Most of you read that and ignored that stayement. But its true. I can talk to you all day long and you wont listen. MY PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. You read my passages and want to make smartbutt coments, and the message goes in one ear and out the other! And you think to yourself why am I still depressed? Because the freedom that was offered to you, you refused. You ignored. Your lack of knowledge... Freedom is a costly gift. It took the united stated several battles against the far superior British. We had no chance, yet we prevailed. Jesus, was brutally murdered on a cross while soldiers mocked him and his name. He did that to us to give us the freedom that most of you dont even recieve! You refuse! Oh, Im sorry, I forgot that medication helps so much more... Wrong! When you get the true piece of God you are free! You know that God loves you and thats all that matters! You know that no matter how you fail, his love never fails! When you mess up, no matter how bad, you are forgiven! You have no reason to cut! Did you know I have never been Depressed? Do you know why? Because I excepted the piece of God! I AM TRULY FREE! Im free to the point that i didnt care who did and didnt forgive me for writing the homosexuals story, because I knew I was forgiven! That is Freedom! A knife is not freedom. Jesus is freedom! Love is Freedom! Our God is Love! Thank you Jesus! I am Free. I realize this isnt all happy stuff but I wanted to get my point across. By no means am I dissing you depressed people, I was useing you as examples. The great thing is... Our Freedom is Free!(dont go all religous on me I just stated that Jesus paid the price ect) with that being said, if you have depression and want to get rid of it through God, read my earliest storie titled, "Depression"
There was one one person who i admire because of her reaction to Depression. Though she slipped back, I remember her posting a storie that said that she refused to be sad any longer. GreeneyedMonster I believe. Have a blessed day! Dont take any of this offensive, It wasnt meant that way ;)


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