Virtually Impossible ~ Original Story

Taylor Brown's world is stuffed with bullying. She finally meets three boys who can make all of her troubles disappear, but only for a few hours. And when she goes into this virtual world, she has to survive the world before she reaches her land of paradise. Will she make it? And even of she does, will she ever be able to leave?

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Chapter 1

To the Virtual World

"I don't see what the problem is, Marissa," Taylor practically spit.

"You don't see it? You are the problem, Taylor. A sweatshirt? Really? On my birthday? You're asking for it," Marissa chuckled.

Her and her cronies pulled at parts of Taylor's oversized sweatshirt.

Taylor swatted away their hands.

"I mean come on, Taylor, no guy has asked you out yet, and you haven't realized why? You don't wear make-up to cover up those hideous freckles of your's, your eyes are too close together, and couldn't you talk your mom into getting you a nose job? And while you're at it, how about a better hairstylist to fix those choppy layers?" Marissa laughed.

Taylor slapped Marissa as hard as she could across the face. Taylor couldn't help it, she had hated Marissa since kindergarten, and every time Marissa had made fun of her, she had either snapped at Marissa, or ran away. She had never had to physically touch her.

Marissa slowly turned her head back towards Taylor.

"That was committing social suicide, prepare for your life to go nowhere but down from this point!"

Taylor ran away, tears spilling out of the corners of her eyes.

She ran into the girls' bathroom and sat on the ground, grabbing paper towels and sobbing quietly into them. Her hair hung in front of her face, and she used it as a curtain, in case anyone walked in. She felt humiliated and angry. Angry that she had to deal with bullying. Angry at Marissa for being perfect. Angry at her parents for making her go o this school.

But, she also did feel a hint of satisfaction for finally having enough courage to slap Marissa.

Marissa would no doubt tell a teacher that Taylor had slapped her for no reason, and that she had only been trying to help her, and that it really hurt.

Taylor got up and looked in the mirror. Her eyes were puffy, and red, and her face was splotchy, and tear-stained. Under that, her eyes were too close together, her freckles were hideous, and her thick, blonde hair was too choppily layered.

The tears continued to silently stream down her face. She saw someone's shadow in the mirror and heard footsteps and quickly swiped away her tears. She turned to face the person, and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw who it was.

"Joey?!" She exclaimed.

The boy was chubby and had dark brown hair that stuck straight up with hair-gel. His eyes were a vibrant blue and his hands were dripping with water.

"Um, hi, Taylor, the boys' bathroom ran out of soap so I, uh... yeah..." He awkwardly trailed off.

"Um... Ok..."

He strode over next to her and washed his hands in the sink next to her.

As he wiped his hands off with paper towels, he seemed to finally notice how she looked and all of her sniffles.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Um, yeah. I just... ran into a little problem."

"You know I've been bullied before. For my weight. I can help you escape that, even if it's for a short time."

"I never said that I was-"

"I know. But I know how to escape all of your problems for a while. I can help you."

"I'm not sure," Taylor said, hesitantly.

"Actually, yeah. Just tell me how." She said, decisively.

"Come to my house after school today. I'll wait for you at the front door."

"Fine, it's settled then." She said, nodding.

It wasn't a problem since she rode her bike to school every day. She lived four miles away from school, but she biked here so she could avoid everyone's teasing and bullying on the bus.

Joey left the bathroom and Taylor ran off to her next class, where she knew she would get yelled at for being extremely late.

* * *

"Miss Brown, why would you hit a student, especially one as sweet and kind as Miss Nielson?" the principal said, gesturing to Marissa.

Taylor and Marissa had been called to the principal's office to talk about why Taylor had slapped Marissa. Taylor sat, leaned back in her chair with her arms and legs crossed. Marissa sat with perfect posture, her perfect hair brown curls in the perfect place.

It took all of Taylor's willpower to keep from rolling her eyes at his statement and from screaming, "All of you people are blind! You only see her act of innocence and kindness, you never see how much she resembles snake!"

Instead, with a very restrained voice, she said, "I don't know what came over me. It won't happen again."

"Mr. DeLancy, if I may, I think that Taylor was frustrated about something else and that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. When I tried to help her, she must have been mad about something, and hit me because she couldn't control her anger. I would never blame her." Marissa said in a voice that was laced with innocence and kindness.

Marissa then groaned and pressed the ice pack tighter against her face.

This time, Taylor didn't keep herself from rolling her eyes.

"Well girls, I would give Taylor a month of detentions,"

Taylor cried out in anguish at the thought of that.

"But, Marissa here, convinced me for a week of detentions. Now, Miss Brown," his voice wasn't without unkindness. "Please apologize to Miss Nielson and thank her." Principal DeLancy commanded.

Marissa beamed.

"I'm sorry. And thank you." Taylor almost choked on her own words.

The principal glanced away for a second and Marissa smirked.

"Now, Miss Brown, you will start your detentions tomorrow after school, tonight will be so that you can explain to your parents why you have detentions for the rest of this week, and part of next week."

She groaned inwardly and the old man dismissed them right as the end-of-the-day bell rang. Taylor snatched up her backpack and dashed out the front door to her bike before Marissa could find her.

Joey sat, waiting, and he waved her over. She pedaled towards him.

"Let's get out of here." Taylor said.

* * *

"Are you sure this works?" Taylor was skeptical of the small electronic bracelet that Joey had made her wear.

"Yes. I can't explain it, because I'm scared you'll get bored and leave, but I can tell you that it'll transport you into a game where you have to pass multiple levels of surviving in the wild, and at the end, you'll reach a paradise world with pretty much anything that you could ask for. But, don't worry, if, for example, you see a bowling ball fall from the sky, if it hits you, you shouldn't feel anything. It's not real. But the air from the force of it will make you think like it will hurt you, causing you to react as if it were real."

"Why do I have to pass levels in order to get to the paradise?"

"Because the company used different video games to create this paradise, so you have to pass levels made specifically for those games in order to unlock those parts of the paradise." Joey explained.

"I guess I get it. Now could you please tell your friend to stop staring and drooling, it's getting kind of creepy." Taylor said, glancing at the other boy in the room.

"Ben, seriously, dude, we have a girl here, even if she's pretty, you can't stare, it's rude."

Taylor blushed. For once, someone other than her parents thought she was pretty.

"Sorry, man. Sorry, Taylor." Said the one creepy kid.

"By the way, I'm Ben." He said, beaming.

Taylor waved and looked back towards Joey.

"Where did you get this?" Taylor asked.

"My dad works at the company's main-" Joey started.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Taylor almost gasped when she saw who it was; Dustin Chambers, the most popular boy in school, and the only guy that Marissa ever tried to impress.

"Dustin? What are you doing here?" Taylor asked.

Dustin's eyes widened and he went and whispered something in Joey's ear.

"It doesn't matter, let's just get you into the game." Joey said. "If you want to leave at any point, your bracelet will always remain on you and you'll be able to click the red 'X' to exit the game. And here," Joey handed Taylor an earpiece.

"Now you can always communicate with us if you need help."

Then, Taylor was zapped into the game.

Taylor heard gunshots and bullets whizzed past her head.

She scrambled for cover and tripped, her arms outstretched, she fell. The bracelet met with a rock and broke.

"Uh, guys, my bracelet just broke!" Taylor screamed into the earpiece.

"It can't break, that's impossible!" Joey's voice crackled into the earpiece.

"Tell that to my BROKEN BRACELET!" Taylor snapped.

Next, Ben's voice came on. "Then we might have a problem," he said reluctantly.

Finally, Dustin's solemn voice came in.

"Taylor, without that bracelet, you can't get out; it's virtually impossible."

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