The Chance We Had

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and this is my first story on here. I really hope you like it! This story is based on my thoughts mostly, but is also loosely based on what I've been through. This story revolves around Kris, a high school football star who is just trying to find a "soulmate." It's his last month of high school before he graduates. Will he find his soul mate?

Chapter 1

A Soul Mate

Patiently waiting for someone to realize that I'm who they always wanted. I'm the fantasy that girl dreams of. I'm quirky, annoying, smart, and I have this thing that makes me the perfect boyfriend: I'm me. If I was a girl, I assume that's what I would want the right guy, or any guy in general to have, right? I don't know, I'm just your average 17-year-old boy, Kris Lang. Finding someone to love is as easy as finding a polar bear in the jungle; having them fall in love with you back is the struggle.
I quickly snapped back to the reality I called my life. What was I thinking about again? I don't even know anymore.
Anyways, Mr. Mitchell is my 2nd period Government teacher. Oh, yes, GOVERNMENT TEACHER. I'm Asian, what do I need to know about U.S. Gov.? I'm obviously not going to over power the United States. Well, I try hard in that class and get the grade that I wanted. It's pretty simple, I do my work, I leave, and get graded for that.
"KRIS, MY MAN!" Said Michael as I was walking out of class.
"Hey, bro. What you been up to? Getting at it, huh?" Questioned Michael.
"WHAT?!" I said.
I have no idea what you're talking about bro, I don't like anyone and I just because I'm "The Star Football Athlete" doesn't mean I'm getting at it.
He laughed and said, "Yeah, I know. It's not something you'd do. I like you for that. You still need to get at it before senior year ends, bro! We graduate in a month! Get AT LEAST a girlfriend?"
I told him that I will get a girlfriend when a girl I like finds an interest in me. Brooke has been too much of a preppy cheerleader to date me and all the girls at this school are just annoying or straight up not my type. I can't wait for college. College is where everyone has been telling me you'd find your soulmate.
"THUMP." My books dropped.
"OH MY GOD! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you. I was just on my way to stupid U.S. Government." Milena shouted.
"It's completely fine," I said, "Government is a pain, I would want the books to be on the floor." We both chuckled.
I watched as she was walking to Government and boy was that hilarious.
What was I thinking about again? Oh, yeah, soul mates.

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