Kidnapped. (My true experience in poetry form)


Chapter 1

.....My experience

Lay down, stay down
Ropes and knives
Kicks and screams
Handcuffed, beat
Bound and gagged
Lie still hoping to be set free
Blood pouring down
Evil laughs and smirks
"Shut up biiitch"
Choked and sore
Unable to move
Broken and bruised
Basement floor.
Ropes cut free
My sweet escape is near
Dizzy bodied
Blood all dried
Cover yourself up and try to hide
A evil game of hide seek
You better hope he did not peek
Hungry, starving
Waisting away
Curled in a ball
Crying, no where to go
Growing weak, losing hope
Police sirens scream, panic all around
Numbly crawling towards the stairs
Handcuffs still attached
Mouth still gagged
No way to scream
Doors burst open
Officers run in
Arms around your body, screams from above
Eyes close slowly
World goes black...


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