My Cinderella

Hey guys! I finally found an inspiration of a love story. :) Some of the events in this story will be real life situations I've been in with this girl or based off of pure imagination. So yeah! :) Hope you guys like it. I'll be using my name, but a different girl's name.

Chapter 2

The Glass Slipper

by: Seth__
Today's the day. No going back. I run the song one more time while packing up my Newsies costume. I hop in my dad's old sedan and head off to school.
I get there an hour earlier than the rest of the thespians, so I find Ms. Edmund's hidden key to the theatre (not hidden anymore since I know where it's at..) and get backstage. I put my costume in the dressing room and walk on the stage.

This always seems to be the place I think. My sanctuary, just a place I can peacefully be by myself.

"Ready?" I hear from the lighting booth. Ms. Edmund puts the spotlight on me.
"Ready as I'll ever be," I say shielding my eyes from the light as they adjust to the shine.
"How does the spotlight feel?" she asked with a smile.
"Warm. Welcoming. One day I'll have the spotlight on me when I'm on Broadway."

The thespians from my school come in and start setting up. Local thespians start filling up the theatre seats until it's a full house. I head backstage to the guys' dressing room and put my headphones in to listen to "Santa Fe" a couple more times. I hear all the different acts go on stage while I'm waiting backstage. I get dressed in a pair of slacks, black shined-up shoes, a striped button-up shirt, a black vest, and the signature Newsies cap.

As I pace backstage, I hear the stage manager call a couple girls who were competing for one of the scholarships. One girl runs by me and accidentally runs into me dropping her tiara.
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she says. I bend over to pick it up and hand it to her.
"Don't worry about it, good luck," I say as she runs to the side stage. I look down at my feet and see her iPod. "Hey, wait, you dropped this!" but I said it too late. I run to the side stage exit to the lobby and to the audience entrance door with her iPod, but they were already performing.

I hear words of their song and recognize the lyrics to "For Good" from Wicked easily. I look down at her iPod and it was the last song she listened to. I start paying attention to their performance again, and realize how beautiful she is. I barely got to see what she looked like backstage before she ran off.. She had black wavy hair and her eyes sparkled in the spotlight.

I was still in a trance when the performance ended and ran backstage to give her the iPod back. I start looking around, but can't find her in the chaos. I stop the stage manager in his busy tracks.
"Where did the last girl who performed go?" I asked.
"I'm not sure, I can't be slowed down right now, sorry," he said as he ran off.

A couple more acts later, I finally hear my name being announced on stage.
"Jack Richards from Grand Hills High School with his solo musical performance of 'Santa Fe' from Newsies!"
I slip the iPod into my slacks pocket and walk onto the stage.

The spotlight follows me to the center of the stage. I take a deep breath and belt out the first few lyrics when I think about what Ms. Edmund said: "...someone to be your focus point during your performance.." The very first person to pop into my head was that girl.. Who was she? Why did she catch my attention? I believed in love at first sight, but I didn't think it'd happen to me.. While I'm singing through the song, I don't pay attention to the audience, I pay attention to her. I stick my hand in my pocket and grasped onto the iPod. I belt out the last note and realize the song's over. I get a standing ovation, bow, and walk offstage. I take the iPod out of my pocket.

"Who are you?" I ask to myself.


Sorry for not uploading a new chapter for a while, but here! :)

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