Love And Soccer (Tidus)

I'm sure you've heard Alex tell the story-but I think you should hear my side of it..

Chapter 2

A Day At Sea

Today was the sailing trip, and I was already up at 4:00 in the morning, revved up and ready to go. It was a sunny Friday morning that day. I loved the wafting sea breezes and the feeling of the warm sun combined with the sea spray on my face-Roxas on the other hand,whined and complained.
"I think I'm getting seasick!" Roxas groaned as he threw up over the side of the boat.
Alex's mother laughed," I think Tidus would be a better sailing companion, dear..."
Alex giggled and said," Ti, you're not even the least bit seasick?"
I laughed and shook my head. "Mom used to take me sailing all the time when I was little."
Alex's older brother was drinking something from a bottle that didn't look like soda as he repetitively sang, " Fifteen men on the dead man's chest!Yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum! Drink and the Devil done for the rest! Yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum!"
"Ohhh Jack!" Alex groaned," You said you wouldn't!"
Crystal slapped her forehead.
Crystal snapped, "SHUT UP! JACK SHUT THE EFF UP!"
I became a little antsy, so I basically spent an hour being mischievous and driving everybody crazy.
"Ti, come on, cut it out!" Alex laughed, rolling her eyes,"You're driving everybody completely bonkers!"
At the time, I was doing a hand stand on Jack's shoulders as he was looking through his binoculars and I was making goofy faces."
"What the f- Tidus! Come on man, that's not cool!"
I jumped off and landed perfectly on my feet.
"Come on you goof," Alex giggled as she pulled me back to where I was sitting and handed me a sandwich," Let's eat..."
It really was a nice day for sailing. Alex and I were talking and joking-until Roxas fell overboard-the idiot! I jumped into the water, saved him, and pulled him aboard.
"You're an idiot, you know that," I said.
Fortunately the rest of the sailing trip was uneventful-unless you count Roxas puking on Nevaeh's shoes...
"Noe that's just NASTY!" Nevaeh said as she whacked Roxas repeatedly over the head with her " Better Living in Atlanta" magazine," That's just TRIFLIN!"
Alex and I stood on the bow enjoying the sea breeze."Awww," Crystal teased," Titanic much?"
" Shut up Crystal" Alex said," Tidus and I are just friends!"
As we watched the sunset...I could swear I saw Alex glance at me and blush.....
Maybe It was just my imagination playing tricks on me. She smiled at me and I was the one who blushed....
Could she possibly.....

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