Love And Soccer (Tidus)

I'm sure you've heard Alex tell the story-but I think you should hear my side of it..

Chapter 1

The Soccer Championship

It all began on the day of the National Soccer Championships, and the Lincoln Railsplitters were undefeated-mainly because I was their star player.
Today was the finals, the last game of the year...
"Let's bring out our star player, the Kicking King,God of The Goal...Tidus Collins!"
I came out onto the field, and the crowds went wild! "Thank you, thank you...." I felt like a god-and not to be cocky, but maybe I was a soccer god. Of course my father wasn't there-Damn you Jecht-but my mother and my best female friend/crush Alex was there cheering until they were hoarse. I channeled the rage at my father into the game, and I was practically invincible. I had a somewhat cocky smile on my face. "That's why they call me 'God of The Goal'." I taunted as I scored my fifteenth goal in a row," Because I score a goal every time!"
The cocky attitude is just my game face-off the field I'm really a nice guy, and you can ask Alex if you don't believe me.Roxas was getting into fist fights with other players for not following his orders, so as the team Captain I had to call a time out and put him back in line-Hey, if you want a victory you can't have an unruly player...
"Hey! Roxas, what the hell do you think you're doing?! I'm the Captain here, not you! I'm the one who gives commands on this team," I said," You'd better clean up your act before you end up on the bench! Lincoln is NOT about to forfeit the championship just because you can't stop being a hothead!"
"Hey! Lose the attitude!" I said," Don't make me get the coach!"
The game resumed and you know what-we won( No surprise there really). I did a little victory dance. I really did feel like a soccer god as I held the trophy high in the air-with the teams help of course.Victory celebrations went on all night. Alex and I danced to the beat of " He Mele No Lilo".
She laughed as I twirled her-we had a blast,that is, until my father started putting me down and calling me a horrible dancer. Alex laughed and told me to ignore it.
I smiled and agreed.
"Tomorrow Mom and I are going sailing with some of my friends. Wanna come...?"
"You bet!"

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