To: people

Chapter 1

To: Everyone

My close friends may have noticed I have been acting unpredictably. I can not tell you why because I do not know why but I do know that it has to stop....
Handfuls of you I have CAPS RAGED at, or cussed out or both when normally I never do either...
ITs not just my quibblo life being affected, people who go to my school have been asking me whats wrong, noticing the difference before even I do, saying I will randomly get cold and distant and quiet and it scares them, then something will set me off...
Like in my 6th hour today... we were doing a science lab and needed a ruler, my group asked me to get it, they all asked at the same time so I got off the desk I was sitting on and said something like "IF YOU WOULD GIVE ME TWO SECONDS I WOULD GO GET IT!" as loud as I could at them and then I went to get the ruler, at least they say I said that, I remember it as them telling me to get it but then they walked over to get it instead, I remember thinking that I would have picked the bendy ruler and not the see though one they got.... but apparently they never did that and Im crazy because the whole class and the teacher are witness to my "freak out" as they call it...
so the next hour starts out with stories of what happened being shared with the people who werent it the last class and that was that, then like halfway through the hour I was talking to my friend about a test we had taken last week and this girl across the room was saying something... trying to pick a fight, saying my voice was annoying, usually I would ignore it but no... this time I get in a yelling match with the girl and the whole class gets in trouble... why am I acting different? I dont know....
there are other outbursts too... I just dont remember them very well... for instance this kid was walking past me in the hallway, I cant remember what he or she was doing but it was so annoying, I rubber-necked at him or her as I passed and really wanted to just rip their head off... but now I dont know who it was or anything...
and when I'm not phyco-angry its back to cold, quiet and distant (which is the opposite of normal for me) so EVERYONE is asking me whats wrong and if im sick or upset and I dont know what to say because when im like that im fine, no commplaints Im just like that...

the point of this story is both to fill you in and to apologize for anything I did that I may or may not remember

The majority of you are used to me being nice and caring and I am... usually... but I dont know why Im acting how I am recently and I just hope none of you mind too much

also... I might not reply to many messages for a while...... its just not a good idea.... but feel free to keep sending, ill try to be me

please forgive me, quibblo-world, you are some of my closest friends

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