Shout outs to my awesome friends.

Chapter 2

More shoutouts!!!!! Hesi, I will just start out by saying, THIS GIRL IS AWESOME! She is the sweetest, and the friendliest person I have met on here. She truly cares for you, and she is great to talk with.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alli is a great person. Despite all shes been through, she stays strong through it all, and keeps her chin up high. I love talking with her, she is so fun, and she is awesome sauce.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruth is an amazing girl, and she is a really nice person. She is also one who cares, and she is funny, and she is great! She is a great friend.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is Ana's second profile, so shes been on here longer, but she is really awesome sauce! I love this girl to death, and she is my best friend. The main thing we have in common, we both have Pit Bulls. And they are not scary people. :P
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Esther is an amazing girl. She is sweet and caring, and she absolutely adores animals. I wish I knew her because she could help me with my stubborn cat. Back on topic, where was I, oh yeah, she is a great friend, like all of my friends.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now this girl, she is also my best friend, she is a great person. I also love her to death, and she is a great person. SHe is fun to talk with, and a great person to be around.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emily is my cousin, and she is weird. :P Like me, cousin love! Talk to her, because she is awesome, and lovable.

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