I'm beggining to think... (IMPORTANT)

I don't know, I'm just confused.

Chapter 1

What I Thought

by: CaughtUp
Sometimes, I wonder if I belong here at Quibblo. Like, at ALL.
You guys are all great writers. I need to work on my skills, being Korean and all that. I just need some time, I convince myself.

When I first joined Quibblo, I was completely addicted to it. And now? I don't really feel like looking at all of my invitations, replying to my messages or even getting on.

I just think once in a while, if I ever delete my account, someone will notice and post stories with titles like: HERA1432 DELETED. But I'm not sure. Sometimes I just want to shut the computer off, don't go to school. Just lay in bed and wonder if anyone notices I'm gone.

I'm not saying I'm going to delete, I agree, I hate the drama of friend deleting all the time. I can't convince myself. I love chatting with you guys, I love all of the stories on here... In my life, everything is just hard. Drama forming, like I told you, did you read my story, 'All I want for Christmas is You?'

That's whats happening and worse, my scores are getting lower. I don't blame Quibblo, I blame myself. So I'm just saying, sometimes I won't be on, for a couple of days, and won't reply to messages instantly. For the people who entered my contest, I probably will come back on the dead line, but only a few people entered.

So I'm wondering if I should even cancel it or not. Especially, my eyesight was 1.0 when I first joined Quibblo. It dropped down to 0.6 I think. Like I said, I don't blame Quibblo. I blame myself for doing the Internet too much. I'm going to take breaks each week.

Maybe not reply to messages so if you want to talk to me, my email is:
toffiallison@naver.com. I'll repeat it's T-O-F-F-I-A-L-L-I-S-O-N@naver.com
Partly, I want to see if any of my friends are reading this and notice I will be gone. I want to see if anyone cares...

Also, I used to occupy a large screen computer but now I'm using a really small-screen laptop so I need to be careful with my eyesight. It's not time for me to get glasses but I'm just being aware. So yeah.

Thanks for reading, and caring about what I think.


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